Perfect Timing

One of my friends suggested that we try writing everyday for 1week.So the decision was that we should post something before the end of that day. I was in total confusion, definitely not about the post but about the time. I wasn’t sure what’s end of the day when we have multiple time zones involved.My today will be someone’s yesterday and their today will be my tomorrow…So if I follow my time zone and post by today evening, my friends from the other side of the world will be busy posting their next day’s post. Now do you understand my confusion?

‘What’s the time there now’ has always been the first question that I’ve been asked after moving to this side of earth. My parents still get confused and ask ‘Dinner saptacha’ and I have to reiterate it’s breakfast time for me. My parents are much better when compared to my friend. My friend called at 2pm EST on a weekday and the first question was ‘Heyy why are you still awake?’ I remarked casually that I stayed awake so that I could continue having my job. It still didn’t strike and he continued ‘Omg…Is work that bad that you have to work so late?’ That’s when I jumped in and took a geography lesson and as expected his absent mindedness messed up time zones. 

I’m still no expert and I mess up calculations. Staying in EST has its advantages especially when it comes to birthday wishes. I make it a point to wish folks in India exactly at 12 am IST. My close cousin’s birthday was last week and I had everything ready to wish at 12 am EST. I did 4 in the mind, 5 in the hand calculations and wished him exactly at 1.30 pm EST.  Only on the next day I realized I have wished him at 11 pm IST *facepalm* Instead of my 4 in the mind 5 in the hand calculations I could have just opened google and outsourced the job (like always).

Talking about time, do you know I have time-travelled? Can’t believe it? Really..Pinky promise… I can make you time travel as well. In October,if you are here on a specific day and you realize you missed doing something at 2am, I promise you can go back 1hr and do that again.. Similarly on a specific day in March, we can just fast forward and go to 1hr in future. Well, people here call it daylight savings but I call it time travel 😉

I lost track of time, talking about time. It’s my time for breakfast or well you can say dinner or tea as per whichever time zone you belong to…Confusion prevails 😉

8 thoughts on “Perfect Timing”

  1. Hehe my new day has already begun. Daylight saving always confuses my parents. Now atleast they don’t call me in the middle of the night. This was a fun read Aish.

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