Cab Chronicles

I’ve shared many of my cab incidents in my previous posts…If you are one of those last benchers who missed all these posts or belong to the category of repeat audience(if you exist,please raise your hand for a special prize), then this post is for you. I’m compiling my top 3 cab incidents from the 100s I have in my head.

After I moved to the United States , my main interaction with the locals apart from work was with cab drivers. Though mostly I was ‘Aye-sh-waa-ya or ‘Ais-@#$&-ya’ or simply ‘how do you pronounce your name’. Having crossed the name obstacle, they start getting chatty. Mostly my name serves as a conversational starter and from there it would divert to something else. There was this cab driver, a middle aged retired teacher who started asking about India and the topic moved to Indian food. He mentioned how much he loves food but since his daughter moved to a different state, he just eats fast food based on his Uber rides. He asked me about my eating habits and also about Indian restaurants around. His interest peaked when I described Samosa. I spontaneously showed him a food joint just opposite my drop-off point and mentioned whether he wanted to taste some samosas before he took the right to drop me off. I could see him turn into Chandramukhi- Jyothika there for a moment

When I mentioned Samosa to that driver

We got down at the joint and I ordered samosas for take-away. When he dropped me, it was like a Vikraman movie climax, emotional ending *insert sooryavamsam bgm* PS: I hope he didn’t have any side effects after trying Samosas for the first time.

The next one in my list was a googly ball moment. I got into the cab and absent-mindedly said hi without looking up and finished up my call in Tamil with my friend who was waiting for me. He asked me something in Tamil. Since it was when I moved from Chennai,it failed to hit me immediately (tube light). I replied confidently in Tamil like how I answer cab and auto drivers adding Anna as a suffix.That’s when the bell rang and a bulb glowed in my head making me look up. It was refreshing to suddenly talk in Tamil when you least expected it.

The last one that made it to my top 3 is Vaanathaipola Vijayakanth driver. Like I mentioned, I was new and had to go to the local offices to get IDs done. After driving about 1hr to the place, the officer mentioned I have to submit my actual passport. I just carried a photocopy of the same.Dejected, I came back to see the cab driver still there waiting for his next ride. He was surprised to see me out so quickly and was even more shocked to realize I didn’t carry an important document. He immediately mentioned with a determined tone, ‘You are not leaving without your ID’ *annamalai bgm* He checked with the front office about the closing time and took me back home to get my passport. Then immediately drove back with me. He checked with the front office and ensured I got an expedited token. He just charged me $10 more which is less than half of the actual fare. It was my whatte country…whatte people moment.

These are my top 3 cab incidents in the United States of Amreeka..Do you have any such encounters?

8 thoughts on “Cab Chronicles”

  1. Omg these are such amazing moments. You are so sweet in the first story. So wonderful of you to stop and buy samosa. And the guy in third story is an absolute gem.

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