Self-Dabba Section

Software engineer by profession and everything else by passion 😛 Founder of Excessive Emoji Users Sangam and I ensure to use ‘facepalm’ as a lethal-irritation-weapon against my mother. A crazy Crazy Mohan bhakthai and a state topper of punch dialogue exam (which was called off and later changed to maths exam due to Martian-Andromeda-Alien conspiracy ). Vethakozhambu is the next best thing that happened to human race…Of course, the first being my entry to this planet. I’m very sure Filter Kaapi has replaced my blood but scientists are not agreeing with my claim. In short, I’m a 100% Agmark ISI certified Chennai ponnu who gets hyper during CSK matches.

That snapchat filter is a velinaatu sadhi!

Blogpost Sources: Auto/Bus/Share-auto/pani-puri Annas, family and my Steven Speilberg’s twin brain

Triggering points: Chennai, CSK, Thala Dhoni, FRIENDS

Fear Factor : DOGS !!!

With the blessings of Vadivelu, TR, Gaaptain et’ al , here I’m to entertain, irritate and as always, to scene potufy 😉 *whistlepodu*