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Yesterday one of my friends reminded me about ‘The recipe book’ that moms used to maintain once upon a time. I remember that diary my mom had very well. We used to wait for the Chef’s programme on TV and note it down. This will be passed to anyone in need. This diary will also contain phone numbers, kolams, notes etc (each will have a separate section in the diary). When I initially moved to the US, whenever I asked for recipes my mom used to type very sincerely and send all details to me through WhatsApp. Fast forward… 4 years later.. ‘Amma, can you send me the recipe for that thokku (pickle)…I don’t want it immediately, you can send it by tomorrow’. Within 5 minutes, I’ll hear my phone buzzing. Don’t worry, my mom didn’t turn into Chitti Robot yet but just found the treasure called YouTube. She sent me 4 links that are (close to) her recipe and said ‘Follow the first 2 steps from video 1, 3 and 4th step from video 2 and last step from video 3…That last video is just for your sake, look at the plate and bowl she is serving , it is so beautiful so wanted to show you’. Enna koduma sir idhu !

Any person you meet these days has a channel and ends the statement with ‘Like,Share and Subscribe’! Vlogs have become the trend now. There are so many vlogs like ‘A day in the life of an Indian mom’, ‘A week day in the life of a student’ etc. I watched 1 vlog where that lady woke up, made coffee, made breakfast, got the kids ready , made lunch , fed the toddler and then repeated again in the evening (I’m so bored to even type the full schedule).That video had a million+ views. I was wondering why so many people are interested when you can actually look at people in your house doing the same thing but then we are always people who check if the neighbor’s house has power as soon as there is a power-cut in our house. The same works for such vlogs where we are interested to know what happens in their life. 

Earlier there used to be a specific platform to act and specific people to perform the same. Now each one is an actor and can perform very professionally in front of cameras. If you want to be a good vlogger, exaggeration is the key. Let me give you a crash course (no hidden cost) in case you want to start your channel .. 

How to turn on lights?

Real life – ‘This switch right here will turn it on. Press down to turn on and press up to turn off.’ Over…katham katham !

Vlog -‘Helllllloooooo friendssss (sing-song tone)! Today we are going to look at how to brighten your room in two simple steps. Let’s say you are in a dark room and not sure what has to be done. This video will be your solution. Look at this, you have this object here that can be pressed in two ways *show the on-off actions repeatedly*. This comes in various designs and patterns to match your style and taste *insert promotion clip of switch showroom* Now, when you gently press down, look at what happens. *brighten light +add bgm* It will always be morning in your room. Let’s say you want to leave the room, now what do you do? Can’t leave the light like this , you know how the electricity bill has increased these days. If you have an electric city bill issue, please click on the link in the description and I have given you useful tips to reduce your bill by 50% in my previous video. So coming to our problem in hand, before you leave the house just like how you check whether your gas is turned off you should also ensure how light is turned off… there is part 2 coming up soon to teach that. Please like share and subscribe to Aishu’s channel for more such interesting videos.Until then it is Aishu saying bye, take care and stay safe. Love you all! *freeze, sign off*

If you follow my crash course diligently, likes chumma pichikkum…you may ask me – ‘How do you know this, do you have a channel?’ Ha ha ha.. if you want to know more – like, share and subscribe to Aishu’s blog 😉

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  1. Ha ha … so true about Vlogs Aishu… everyone is filming their lives and I wonder what will they do in reality… btw should I subscribe, share and like this blog? 😜🤓

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