Game of Thrones-Dethroned – Part I

With so much of hype around the final season of game of thrones, I decided to do this social service and explain GoT to the non-GoT people so that next time they feel included when there is a discussion happening. My mom is one of them…She promptly asks me on Sunday, “Today you have your games right?” (That’s her pet name for GoT) or sometimes, “Have you watched Games? How is it today?” (Trust me she has no idea but still would expect me to give a 5 mark answer ) So, mommy, this is your mothers’ day gift… Enjoy maadi! Oh!The GoT fans (S01-S06), you can read on as I believe you’ll be less offended with my version than what you got to watch in the last two seasons… GoT fans (S01- S08)- Please definitely read on as you’ve anyway never quit your loyalty after watching S07 and S08…Nothing can deter you!

So long story short- Long long ago, there lived a king, a queen, a king, a king, a queen, a king, a king, a king, a king-ku-ellam-king….Ussss habba! I’m already tired *GluconD packet* This is just the beginning *Podra andha BGM* Pro Tip 1: To behave like an 100% ISI stamped fan, you should also have goosebumps whenever you hear theย Taaaantaaan tadadaaaantan BGM track.

This is a story of seven kingdoms and their quest to see kaun banega Iron-thronepathi… So kingdoms will be referred to as houses (that SaambuMavan reader-Then what will actual houses be called? Out of syllabus *ignored*) Note: This post is not to make you a topper by getting you 499/500 but to scrape through with 35 marks in a GoT conversation

We’ll see only the characters who are needed in season 8, rest is out of scope

Ned Stark:


House- Winterfell- Northern Most kingdom- Main focus of the story- Definite 8 mark question

Ned Stark is akin to Naatamai Vijayakumar who goes by ‘Needhi da Nermai da Nyayam da’. We, the Tamil film watchers will know what is going to happen to such character *hee hee hee* His wife is Catelyn Stark (not going to explain as it is not important for the exam) and has 4+1 kids. He is not there in season 8 but he is the epicentre of the story. His best friend and ex BIL is the King-ku-ellam-king, Big King, Robert Baratheon (details in below para) who is Iron Throne owner at that point. Story starts with our Beddha King visiting his best friend and as they are singing Mustafa Mustafa, he quickly asks, “Come with me to Kings Landing (capital)”. (Camera: Zoom in all faces and can put to be continued but we don’t as it is an English serial) Ned Stark accepts the offers as he is his Nanben da and goes with his best friend much to the annoyance of the queen(Robert’s wife) & co.

Robert Baratheon:

Robert Baratheon

Ruler of Westeros (Group of 7 kingdoms)- Beddha King- Not available in S08

Apparently, he must have always arrived late to movies as he had conveniently missed ‘Liquor drinking is injurious to health’ warning. So all he does is drink drink drink… He makes his bestie(above) who was living with his family happily like in Vikraman movies to come and die with him. His wife, the Queen (Cersei) is a very very important character. We will see in detail shortly.

Arya Stark:

Arya Stark

Daughter of Ned Stark. S01- S08… Have you watched Mowgli from Jungle book? Jungle jungle baat chali hai patha chala hai…that’s exactly what I remember when I see her. Do you want to sneak out of a boring class without being caught or jump and snatch the remote from your sister from behind without giving the slightest clue…You’ve found your role model. A girl has no name, no sound, no mercy and no boyfriend. But she has a lis…It is bigger than the grocery list that my mom gives in the Annachi kadaai nearby. She is half done, half more to go. Pro Tip- Ask with a questioning look to the GoT verian- Blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes… Do you know them all? That’s it… You can rest! They’ll discuss till next episode.

Sansa Stark:

Sansa Stark

Daughter of Ned Stark. Warden of the North .S01- S08. Perfect heroine for all Bollywood movies and afternoon soaps. She is that bahu (Daughter-in-law) you see in mega serials who was sweet, soft, suffering wearing that torn cotton saree in in-laws house and suddenly in 2nd half becomes the entrepreneur who runs a national level business. Yes, exactly!ย  First, you were pitying her, then you went wow and finally Ada cha! Pro Tip- Question to be asked- Is Sansa good or bad? *Nayagan music*

Bran Stark:


Son of Ned Stark. S01- S08. He is the Swami Branananda, found to have close links with Nithyananda. He has simulated his chakras and using the quantum theory combined with chemical energy in a biological reaction has opened his third eye and become a raven *panting* In short, does nothing. But still is considered to be a v.v.v.important character. Don’t ask me why! No Pro tip available as no one knows why he is there.

Jon Snow:

Jon Snow

Aka Aegon Targareyan – Considered to be the son of Ned Stark but later was found to be a Targareyan. King in the North. He is supposedly the hero. Obviously, he is the sweetest, most good-hearted and people’s favourite king. He is like the upper-management…Does nothing, gets saved by people under him but gets the credits. He is the Undertaker of GoT! 7 lives in a bottle? Not sure about other 6 but 1 is done… This name is one of the most popular ones you would hear in discussions. He has(d) a pet Direwolf (name: Ghost) that slogged for him many a time but now is abandoned as he found a new Dragon pet (See… Typical Upper management behaviour). He always has a constipated look that would make my mom dump 2-3 bananas in his mouth. Strong contender of Iron Throne. His girlfriend right now is Danaerys Targaryan, who is also a co-iron-throne contestant…oh and also his new aunt *monkeyclosedeyes*ย  Pro-tip question- Is it Jon Snow or Dany? Love or power? Will he or won’t he? *adichi vidu*

Danaerys Targaryen:


Mother of Dragons followed by other titles that will go on after 3 additional sheets. She was one of the most powerful characters in the initial seasons and now made into a power-star character. She had 3 dragons…At present left with one (or 2?*Pro-tip question*) She was the sole contender to the iron throne until Aegon Targaryen’s story emerged out of nowhere. It is exactly the same as when you stand in line, pay the bill, buy samosa, dip it in sauce and the moment you open your mouth to take the first bite, your friend appears out of nowhere, snatches it and finishes it in a bite. Yes! That’s exactly what she is going through. Meanwhile, sidetrack, she was trying to win over her sister-in-law with her cute smile and innocent looks*ahem* Now, she is all set to fight for the iron-throne with her thaana sendha kootam (volunteers). Will she win the iron throne? Will she win in love? Will she get more dragons? Will she order Starbucks latte or mocha? All of these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. Waitees!

Well, we are just done with 1/4th and have 3/4th more to go *usss habbbaa….ippave kanna kattudhey*

….To be continued



12 thoughts on “Game of Thrones-Dethroned – Part I”

  1. Excellent way of writing.. Enjoyed.. Even though not possible for me to see the serials enjoyed.. Keep on writing.. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  2. Haha.. lovely Aish.. vera level writing๐Ÿ˜‚ thoroughly enjoyed.. Sansa description is too good.. Lol.. canโ€™t wait for your next post on this๐Ÿ˜

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