Finale Dethroned – GoT

Finally, GoT has ended. Yes, now it will be summer always. With the climax being aired last weekend, many were displeased (keeping up with the S08 trend) but there was this other group who shouted, ‘Kumudha happy annachi’ after watching the climax. I was a part of the 2nd group…. *How? How? How? * *It’s a medical miracle* *Dhroogggiiiii* *Do I care if you like it or not? Velayapaaru* *GoT…What’s that?* I hear all your reactions! So, why did I do a 180 degree somersault…Did D&D bribe me? *Oh, I wish* I had got a secret information from an insider that D&D watch Karan johar, Yash Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bansali, Vikraman and of course enga thala TR’s movies before penning down the script. Going by that and their prior episodes, my director brain had penned 6 different climaxes ( 6 days during shower)… When I got the idea of first climax, it was totally an *Aiyyo idha yaar kittayavudhu solliye aaganume* moment and I immediately called my friend and before I could even finish “Game…..” He immediately yelled, “Noooooooo…I don’t want any fan theories as it will spoil the experience”. I wanted to argue ‘Dei…I don’t have even a kaithan fan …this is shower theory’ but his loss and your gain… I made up 6 of them exclusively for you readers.

Non GoT readers- Refer this post. All you need to know are 2 characters- Jon (hero), Dany (heroine). Dany has burnt an entire city cos she felt so (a typical popular rich heroine who is arrogant and stubborn). Jon (hero, her bf- obviously, matured calm and balanced hero) is going to confront her as he heard a voice, ‘Indha annyayatha thatti keka yaarume illaya?’

Climax 1- Dragonwale GoT Le jayenge

*Scene Description* So Jon enters and sees Dany still on the dragon
Jon spreads his arms and bends on his knees *Here mix tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam and GoT music* Dany and Drogon pause, turning back. Dany breaks into tears and rushes into Jon’s arms and says ‘Jon… Take me away from here. I have burnt everything. Nothing is left for me. Let us go somewhere and start (burning) again’. Jon looks at the mess around feels it is his duty to save the rest of the world by taking her away. ‘Dany, let us go far away from these people. I will build you a fire-proof palace and a throne. You are my queen.’ Dany sobs seeing his love, the camera zooms at Drogon and we see a teardrop at the corner of his eye. As they keep hugging, drogon picks them up and fly away. Oh, iron throne… did we even have an iron throne before? 😛

Climax 2- Winterappa
*Scene description* Jon walks towards the burn castle disregarding an aunty from window warning ‘Thambiiii….vendam…. Poidu’
He sees Dany and goes closer. Pulls a half-burnt chair and sits down
Dany – Jon- Voice maarinalum un look-um walk-um maarave maaradhu
Dany- Thank you thank you thank you…Dany, I came here to tell bye. My job is done and I’m going back to Winterfell. I miss snow as I’m Jon Snow *Mu hahahahahah*
Jon gets up and leaves as Dany watches him teary-eyed. Suddenly, in a swift motion, Jon throws his Longclaw sword and it lands pointed down behind Dany. Dany turns with shock to see Drogon ready to burn her behind the sword.

Jon walks (typical Jon walk) towards Drogon and Drogon steps back in fear. Slowly and steadily… Finally, flies away!

Dany stunned and realizes her mistake.

Jon- ‘You are now safe to sit in the throne.
So before I go, last but not least, ‘Adhigama aasai padra aamabalayum adhigama kova padra pombalayum nalla vazhndhadha sarithramae kedaiyadhu…En vazhi thani vazhi… Seendadhu…Posingiduva *Jon mimics Rajini and fails miserably*

Climax 3- En thangai, Arya Stark
*Scene description* Jon gets the news that Arya has been captured by Dany and rushes to the burnt castle. He sees Arya tied to a burnt pillar and Drogon in position to burn her while Dany watches from a few steps above with a smile.
Jon enters shouting Aryaaaaaaaaaa
Dany- ‘Hello, Jon Snow! Welcome. I know you would be here for your loving sister. Any last words for her before I say the magic word?’
Jon- Noooo Danyyy! Stop! Don’t hurt my sister. You need my life and I’m here. Take it and free her. Arya interrupts and shouts- ‘Nooooo… Dare not harm my brother. I’ll kill you all.’
Dany *slow claps* – Wow! I’m impressed seeing your love. Let me fulfil your wishes and kill you both together. ‘D-r-a-c-a-r-y-s’
The camera zooms on Jon- he shouts Aryaaaa with shock
The camera zooms on Arya-Jonnnnnnn she exclaims with shock
Camera freezes on Dany’s expression as she sees with disbelief.

GoT music – fast- Camera pans and shows Drogon dead with an arrow on the neck. Sansa stands with a crossbow. She smiles at Dany – ‘I may not know to shoot a crossbow but I know to protect my family.’ Slap sound and Dany turns her face for the slap effect.

Sansa releases Arya, while Jon gets up, ‘Do you know what family is? How will you who got your own brother killed? *slap repeat*…. lengthy 2 pages dialogue about family, love, sister affection, how he raised them how he played with them…Sansa and Arya are emotional… Jon goes round and round delivering the 2-page dialogue and Dany breaks down realizing her mistake. Jon puts his arms around Sansa and Arya walk away limping (don’t ask how he got hurt…just for effect)

Climax 4- JonDanyla
Scene description– Jon enters and sees Dany standing facing the iron throne and walks towards her. Dany sees him with smile and remorse.
Dany- ‘ Jon! I want to make a better world for us. I wanted to live with you.’
Jon- ‘You are my queen’
Dany- ‘I want to be everyone’s queen. But that’s not possible as people love you and not me.’
Jon- ‘You are my queen’.
Dany- ‘ I want to be a breaker of chains. I want to release the slaves.’
Jon- ‘You are my queen’.
Dany – Jonnn…Do you understand? *Naan correct ah dhana pesaren…thirumba thirumba pesara nee*
Jon- ‘ You are my queen.’
Dany loses patience and instead of saying ‘Staaaaap-it’, she utters ‘Dracarys’ going by routine. Quickly realizes her mistake, before she could press the undo button, the damage is done. Jon is dead.
Dany breaks down wailing loudly- ‘What have I done? Oh noo….I understand the pain of losing the person you love now. I can’t live in a world without you. Takes the sword (which is still unburnt correctly) and stabs herself saying ‘I’m always just your queen.’
GoT music as Drogon guards the iron throne for years now.

Climax 5- DragonMama Jon
Scene description– Dany and Drogon enter the castle and see Jon. Dany realizes she has unfinished business seeing Jon. Smiles slyly and signals Drogon to ‘Dracarys Jon’.
Jon stunned. Dany waits patiently. When there is no response from Drogon, she repeats it again…and again. Jon stands straight, smirking. *Mosquito coil flashback- We see Jon feeding Drogon with Baai- kada Briyani whenever Dany is not around’*.Dany reiterates with anger, Drogon loses it and burns Dany with rage.

*Scene fades* GoT music in BGM

The scene opens up, we see drogon shouting – subtitles read- * Jon Uncle… Neenga enga irukenga (Where are you?)*
We see Jon hiding behind and slowing peeking out playfully *Sathyaraj’s Rickshawkaran Jilukchilkkan music in BG*
Drogon rushes seeing Jon and we see the two run around playing happily near the iron throne.

Climax 6Tantri the Mantri, Tyrion the Hand
Scene credits- Tinkle’s plot upgrade.
Tinkle has announced that Tantri, the Mantri will be taking over as king finally in the upcoming edition. So keeping up the trend, Tyrion manipulates and uses our Climax 4 …When both are dead, he climbs up and sits on the iron throne *title credits*

Now after reading all these different climaxes, go back and watch the ending. Don’t you feel it is better? *D&D- Please send that locker la irukuru 5 lakhs through Beem boy* 😉

9 thoughts on “Finale Dethroned – GoT”

  1. Incredible definitely one of your best aishu..found it to be very humorous, title like en thangai arya Stark, Sansa with a cross bow(was imagining that), my fav climax 2 winterappa, Danny telling jonnn correcta Thana pesaren was so funny. Loved it as much as I..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. very nice.. Enjoyed.. Out of all the climaxes I liked Aryaa Climax 3 en thangai and also Climax 2 winterappa…. Very good writer.. And also director….☺️👏 👏 👌 👌 👍

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Climax 3 Arya en thangai, I was imagining what would happen if I was Jon, Ranju was Sansa and Aishu was Arya….

      In the climax when Sansa comes with a crossbow (logic problem- last time I remember Bronn having the crossbow, adhu yepdi inga vandudhu- Bronn’kum Sansa’kum yenna link?)

      So Sansa comes with the crossbow. Shock on Dany’s face (chajak, Chajak, Chajak- 1 Million editing transitions). Build up of tension.

      But bigger tension in Arya and Jon’s face (Twistu)…Arya’s mind voice “Aiyayo Namma Sansa’ku oru selfie yedukkave Kai kolarum, idhulla crossbow Vera….ambuttu Dhaan…bye bye Jon”. Sansa pulls the trigger. Jon dies.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. One awesome writing of urs…enjoyed a lot😂😂

    Continuing pramodh’s imagination….sansa’s mind voice : Ithungala ivlo kashta patu lam kapathanuma…konja neram vita ithunga solra kathaya ….cinema dialogue lam kettu dany ye sethurum…
    (Ipdiyum kolalam (tamil padam bgm…after siva kills the villian).

    Liked by 2 people

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