Weekly Prompts- Run

‘When are you leaving to the airport?’ he asked… This is the routine check he does before I board the flight. I have the usual reply I’ll leave by 5 pm for the 7.30 flight. “Try and start early.”, again the usual. It was a Tuesday, so I expected work to be less hectic and planned to start from office by 4.30 and then leave to airport from home by 5. Be in the airport at 5. 30, finish security Check in and reach the gate by 6.15 max. I’ll still have time for a calming sip of Starbucks mocha before the boarding begins at 7pm. Yes, yes yes… Just like project planning, everything seemed perfect until I implemented. At 3.50 pm I got a ping asking if I can join an issue-call and was promised it’ll be for a few minutes. Me being me I couldn’t refuse and joined the never-ending meeting… 10 min passed, 15,20,40 but still no end. Finally, I had to interrupt and drop stating I had a flight to board. So time now was 4.45pm…I can still keep up my schedule. Reached home and I did my last minute packing (which was pretty much the entire packing). I started getting my wakeup call at 4.50pm asking my whereabouts by you-know-who… By the time I finished everything and got ready it was 5.30 pm. That’s ok! Still not bad… Book uber and reach by 6.15… reach gate by 6.45…mocha-less but still relax and board… uber-eta 15 min… Bammmm!!! 5.45 pm and I rushed down with my bag and hastily greeted the driver… I’m sure my I sounded more like ‘Go-go-go… He rushed to take the car. And tadaaa! We didn’t even go past my apartment (community). Traffic jam… Can you believe? Never in my 2.5 yrs of stay had I seen such a bad block. It was a standstill. 30 min went past and still, we were there… 6.15 p.m. I was literally jumping here and there in the car not knowing what to do next. I started checking for the next available flights as we had no way out. In the meantime, I was flooded with calls and msgs to check my status. Given a chance, I would have sprinted and reached the airport of not for the baggage and the uncomfortable shoes. So I sat troubling the driver for the nth time ‘is there any other way?’. Finally, a ray of hope… Vehicles started moving… Yaeee… I did a chandler dance in my head and tapped the driver seat like he is some horse that would go vroom if I patted. But he did… Like an F1 racer, we vrooomed past all vehicles and did a touchdown at 6.45 pm… I almost forgot my luggage in a hurry… Then rushed past all like a mad woman let loose suddenly. I can still make it… My excuse me ‘s couldn’t work anymore and I had to impatiently wait at the security check line… When it was my turn (after 10 while min) … He saw my ticket and calmly replied’ Oh you are late’… I gave a nervous smile with a half-nod and scolded him in my head with all possible gaalis for wasting 2 min. Laptop out, shoes out… I Hate security check especially when I’m late. I have to pack and get ready all over again… After whisking me more than twice and confirming that I’m not a crazy woman carrying bombs and sprinting everywhere… I was let out… Fire on the mountain run run run… Don’t trip. I warned myself as I ran on the glossy floor with my uncomfortable shoes with people giving way like when an elephant on a rampage. I reached panting and puffing… Gate A39… Phew! Reached. 7.10 pm. I can board and relax in flight now. When I gained sensed and looked at the monitor it said… Phoenix. Boards in 20 min. Wait… WHATTTTT!!! Don’t panic don’t panic… I reached out my app and checked to see a missed notification. Dayummm!!! Gate change – B7. All the way to the other side… ready steady go… Fire on the mountain… Run run run. B7- in between gasping for breath I checked the flight – flight to Newark… but something was wrong. Why aren’t there any people… I ran to the help desk and showed my ticket.. 7.20… Flight starts at 7.25 pm. She pointed to me. My flight is delayed by 40 min due to technical issues. Thank goodness! I’ve never been so relieved to see a delayed notification. I can have my mocha now. Back to my schedule 😉

5 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts- Run”

  1. Just now I saw this post.. More than appreciating your writing I felt sad for the rush.. But relieved by the delayed flight.. Thank God

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