Lost way to find Love

I got this suggestion of writing the plot from a different perspective…yes…purely…100%.. ISI certified imaginative content…Here we go!
I was waiting for the red swift car with a fancy number to arrive. My dad had instructed me to wait at my friend’s place where I had stayed last night. His voice reverberated “Don’t worry! You have seen him when you were 10. He is not a stranger. He is an architect and is currently working in a site which is  just next to your friend’s place. So we thought you both can get together and reach the place”. I got a message from his number “Starting from my site… Will be there in 10 min.” I know this swift car guy’s father as he is my  dad’s best friend…Uncle and aunty have visited our place regularly but not with their sons. I need to meet up with this stranger and reach the wedding hall… I was still fuming about why am I a must for that wedding ! From the continuos phone calls and the talks I had a doubt of a probable matriomonial meet set up :roll:
A car stopped with powerful brakes interrupting my thoughts. He got down from the car and extended his hand “Hi… This is Sanjay”.  He looked like a sportsperson who is just back from his match rather than an architect. He didn’t wait for me to extend my hand.. he literally grabbed my hand and shook. He was so impatient and didn’t care an introduction from my end ..He went ahead saying “Come… its getting late!”
As soon as he started his car, he switched on his music system. 45 minutes passed and we hardly spoke a word. By now I was sure he was one of those arrogant spoilt brats and I didn’t have any intention of starting a conversation. A deep voice broke the silence “So you know right… This was a set up to get us together to spend quantity time.. Wedding plans on!”. Though I had the hints but getting the point so directly made me feel uncomfortable. He continued without a pause “Somehow I am not convinced with this kinda marriage set up… We hardly know eachother! We can’t make a life statement with just 1 hour of car drive right” I was relieved that he shared my views and I beamed with “Absolutely! So true! These people make it so embarassing”. He laughed seeing my facepalm expression. It was clear that both of us were not ok with this arrangement and this made us comfortable. We started covering various topics and Hi5-ed many a time .
After a while of driving through the trees, I asked him.. “Have we reached?”. He replied with “We must have… I took a short cut to avoid traffic.” He looked perplexed as the petrol indicator blinked orange. We stopped the car and got down as it looked like a town…errr… I mean village. I looked around to see hoardings with jilebi font and pointed it out to him and asked “I didn’t know the wedding was in Andhra”. He murmured under his chuckle “Neither did I” looking at his smart phone for the inexistent signal and location indicator. He instructed me to stay near the car and started walking. Seeing the weird looks that I was getting , I ran behind him like a little puppy and cleared my throat “How will you go alone and ask for routes in an unknown land? You need some moral support and its not nice of me to leave you alone. I know you wanna thank me but its really ok.” He gave a sarcastic look at me with a broad smile and a nod “Ya Ya… That was so sweet of you!” We both laughed at that when we were interrupted by an old man.
Old man scanned us, straining his diminishing eyesight. Sanjay moved a step forward and asked him “Can you please tell us the name of this place.” He tried the same question in hindi and kannada. I couldn’t stop recollecting the “kallipatti” scene from muthu and was expecting the old man to give him a tight slap any moment. Finally they ended up playing Dumb charades and we got directions for a nearby hotel.
Going by his directions, we landed up in a school. I started laughing holding my stomach with tears filling my eyes… he tried supressing his and was trying to calm me down “It happens… There’s nothing to laugh so much.” but gave it away seeing my hysteric splits of laughter. Once we got back to normalcy, he asked “You are in an unknown land that has an indesipherable language with a guy whom you have just met 4 hours before. Are you not scared?” He looked at me with his dark brown eyes waiting for an answer… “Why should I be scared? You should only be scared … I repeated his dialogue…You are in an unknown land that has an indesipherable language with a girl whom you have just met 4 hours before and who knows basics of self defense.” He again nodded with a big smile “Are you always like this?” getting up from our temporary halt.  I too got up “No… Am worse than this :P ”  He ignored that and continued with a serious look “What if we have to be here forever?” I too replied with a serious look “I have attended a session of Krav Maga for self defence recently… FYI… I can survive and protect you too ;) “.
He laughed with a facepalm and looked around. We saw a black scorpio with a TN registeration. He ran towards it . From a distance I saw him talking to somebody. I walked towards him and stood few steps behind. The guy was scary and reminded me of villains from various films. I had involuntarily stepped behind Sanjay holding his hand as soon as I saw that villain guy staring at me. Sensing discomfort, he immediately called out “Excuse me… How to reach the main road from here?” The villain and better half but double in size started conversing with us. They assumed we are a couple and were here to look at a site for building. Sanjay chipped in with his architecture skills throwing technical terms about land and buildings… The guy now patted Sanjay on his back calling him a “Smart guy”… Deep down I reiterated the same.. “yes he is.” That villain now turned into a genie in disguise. He was ready to do anything for us. We got a bottle of petrol as a token of gift for his smartness :P We were all set to follow the black scorpio.
1 hour of travelling through the woods….Tadaa! Main road :D Though I was happy to have reached, there was a voice inside me cribbing about why did it get over soon. I could see the same mixed reactions on his face. Our villain genie got down from his car and gave us directions to reach our destination. It was a quiet journey…wedding hall was now in our viscinity… It was 8pm… We (he) had informed his parents and mine as soon as we got mobile signal that we are caught up and will reach there soon!
He parked his vehicle in front of the decorated building…”I had a wonderful time… Thanks!” I just didn’t feel like getting down from the car on hearing those words and he was waiting in the same pose ready to start for another drive if I approve. We were jolted back to reality with a loud voice…”Ahh! They are here! Where have you been?”
We were pulled to different directions by our loved ones who didn’t seem loving to us at that moment. I saw him whispering something into his mom’s ears and looking at me… Whatever that was, I saw aunty smiling with happiness and kissing his forehead. She ran to uncle and he too seemed very happy.
I saw Sanjay walking towards me…First time I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart beat racing…He came close and whispered… “I now wish we could have stayed there forever… Why on earth we asked for help?” After a 2 sec pause..”Are you ready to lose your way with me again? I can’t go around asking for directions alone you see..” He winked with a smile. I could feel my cheeks burning with the gush of sudden blood…Yes ! I was blushing ;)
Disclaimer: Any resemblences to film scenes are purely intentional as those are only references I have to write in a genre which is not in my comfort zone.
PS: And ya… This is my 2nd fiction in the genre of romance� 

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