Going Mobile

All this happened within a span of 75 minutes… From 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm!
At 5.30 pm, as usual my friends and me set out for our tea break to a pantry in another floor. I had a wallet case for my mobile which made it pretty heavy to hold. Wooed by the smell of coffee, I gave my mobile to my friend who preferred to sit on the window sill. Being a goody goody girl, I told him to keep it down and to not hold it as its pretty heavy :P After the few minutes of laughter session , we returned to our seats by around 5.50 pm or so.
At around 6.15 pm, my ocs blinked with an indication of a new message. I found somebody new had pinged a ‘hi’… I pinged a hi and was about to say ‘thanks’ as I expected that new somebody to ping about my blog post (No bad words please :oops: )…Apart from that nobody pings me all of a sudden… so I sent that ‘thanks’ and then read what he typed :monkeyclosedeyes: It was a message ‘You left your phone at the pantry… We were waiting for you there for 10 minutes but you didn’t turn up…So I have got it along with me… Please collect it’
Only then  I searched frantically for my mobile around … I scolded my friend (I needed somebody to vent out at that moment) who had put my mobile in charge in his seat in the early afternoon session… I was in an illusion that it is still there and the detail that he had returned it to me had completely evaporated out of my mind :P I looked up at my friends who were with me at the tea break and with a stern look asked ‘How could you guys forget my mobile just like that…You guys are so irresponsible’ :P  Before I could even finish my sentence they shouted ‘Oh No’ in chorus as if somebody had switched on the bulb above their heads at the same time and rushed to the door… I pinged our ‘good stranger’ appologizing for the trouble and assured him that we will immediately be there. I locked my system before he could reply anything and rushed to the floor below mine to collect my mobile. While I was in a hurry, my teamie stopped me and asked…’how did he know its your mobile? It could be a prank… Wait… Confirm and go.’ By then I had already done an open-sesame with my access card and replied that I will come and explain to him in detail. For collecting 1 mobile, 3 of us had rushed down…yeah… literally rushed down the stairs as if we are headed to throw a timebomb attached to us :P
Once at the floor, my friend asked ‘Did you see his face in outlook?’ I just gave him a blank stare from which he understood the answer :P We stood like in airports… waiting for receiving a stranger :P We checked many ID cards that passed and got weird looks too:P
Plan A: Go around looking for our stranger-with-the-phone
3 of us split up in various possible directions… I went towards pantry, another towards ODCs and the other to washroom (Don’t know why) … We met at the lift lobby after a while to declare Plan A failed !
Plan B: Attract attention
My friend got inspired by the ‘Mouna Raagam’ style of calling ‘Chandramouli…Mr. Chandramouli’ and tried replicating the same with our stranger-with-the-mobile’s name. While he shouted, we were checking for reactions all around. Confirmed: Plan B failed
Plan C: Inform about the lost mobile
As and when somebody passed across, my friends took turns to say “Hey Aishu… You lost your mobile right? The one with black and brown case”. We paused for reaction. We thought we have zeroed in on a person. But we realised that was the look he gave for reiterating the fact that we are insane :P
We spared 23 other alphabets just cos we didn’t want ambulances to arrive …People with stretcher who would throw us (ya…throw us) on it and would take us directly to a mental hospital …Of course…medical insurance is available for that too :P
I decided that I’ll go and ping him from my seat…I instructed one of my friends to stand there if in case somebody comes in search…The other guy was giving him tips on how to stand casually as people there already started suspecting about how did HR folks hire pickpockets and his look confirmed their doubt:P I asked my friend to stay along with him but he preferred to accompany me to the ODC… When I unlocked my system, my friend who was waiting down returned with my mobile.
Flashback (Spiral graphics to be included)
A guy carrying my mobile wallet case had come out of his ODC. My friend went to him and pointed to the phone asking his name. Stranger-with-the-mobile in a shock held the phone more firmly asking whose phone was that. My friend explained about the concept of ‘har ek friend zaroori hotha hai’ , all the while holding my phone which is in dispute… Finally he took it from him and ran to us :P
Flashback over (Reverse spiral)
My teamie now gave a shocking remark at the climax “Expect to get featured in Cognizant Confession… That guy will post saying.. I helped a girl by picking her mobile but she was showing attitude and sent her friend to collect it… Guaranteed 500 comments scolding girls for this confession”. I was :shock: i pinged him about the confusion and thanked him for his help!
But confession thing still lingered in my mind… At that time… Tadaa! My C2space appeared before me like the vasan eyecare ad saying ‘Naanga irukom’ ;) Before he could write a confession, I decided to feature him in my post. Stranger-with-now-without-my-mobile… Thanks a lot for taking so much pains to get my mobile back to me!
P.S. To answer that question of how did he ping me and recognized its my mobile (We don’t miss out on facts :mrgreen: ).. I had my foodcard in the attached wallet ;) Food(card) is definitely a life essential ;)

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