[Story]: Something Crazy!

When this whole new meme of writing a story with a given picture was started, I was all excited to read different stories. I have wondered how people think so much and come with such different versions. I never expected that I’ll be writing one :P
If you are expecting a ‘rattham therikka therikka action film‘ ( gruesome film) … No No No… you are in for a surprise :P My blood group is pretty rare and I don’t want any unnecessary blood shedding scene (my characters will have my blood group as I am the creator :P )
Prithvi had lost everything… Not that he had lots but even the meager amount that he possessed before the round was now owned by his friend after the final round of poker… As he walked on the deserted roads, the words that people used to describe him “loser” “hopeless” “zero” reverberated, making him feel sick to his stomach. He took his torn bag with hardly any clothes and made his way to nowhere.. He didn’t have any clue of where to go or what to do.. As he was making his way out, his eyes fell on yellow papers… His mom wanted him to sell that house of his dad for living… But procrastination was in his blood and days kept going… Nothing changed… Only change was that his mom who kept reminding him about the house was now not found.. He picked up those papers and made up his mind on what to do next… He was so urged to go and play another round of poker to win back what he lost…But something stopped him! He had a change of thought of playing another round of poker with the money that he will receive on selling. He reached his village which was considerably a small town on the hills… he hated the place as he had to travel all the way downhill even to buy his favourite beedi… he couldn’t afford it is another point which he preferred to ignore .
He reached the house… This house was no different from the so-called house that he is living in. Broken in all possible places, with sunlight and rain finding its way promptly to him… Only difference was that this house was a bigger broken mess.. He chuckled at the idea of selling it and ruled out the possibility of someone paying for this mess. He made his way through the creaking door which was still hanging with a slight hold that can give away any moment. His stomach made growling sounds to remind him that he didn’t attend it for a long time. Being hungry was not new to him… And he exactly knows what to do… Whenever he is hungry he either drinks cold water or dips his clothes in cold water and would tie it around his waist… Within few minutes, his hunger fades away.
He recognized the room he was in, was bathroom… Though it was dark, it had a big bathtub… Bathtub fascinated him! He has never seen one except for in movies. His stomach stopped making sounds as he was too busy lost in awe. He filled water and immediately jumped in… He was the happiest man at that moment.. He forgot his problems and drifted to a nice pleasant place…
A man had entered his house who claimed to be his father’s partner and handed him Rs 10,000… He told it was a long time due to his father… He also suggested about an abandoned shop that could be bought if he was interested.
Prithvi woke up with a jolt… He concluded that too much of worrying causes dreaming… He didn’t have a proper towel to wipe, so he dabbed his body with his old clothes and made his way out of the bathroom feeling refreshed.
He heard the creaking of the gate that sent out butterflies flying in his stomach. A lanky old guy appeared from the open door. Prithvi rubbed his eyes repeatedly to ensure that he was not dreaming. The old guy called himself as his father’s partner… Prithvi felt dizzy… the sense of Deja vu over took his senses… He heard the guy repeat everything verbatim.
Was this house haunted? Prithvi was clueless… He wanted to flee from this place immediately and grabbed his bag. The gambler in him spoke now, why not try once one more. It would have just been a coincidence… So Prithvi quickly rushed to the bathtub , climbed  in thereby proving buoyancy for the nth time. However he tried he could not get any vision or dream… It was a normal bath! He was partly relieved but another part was disappointed.
The next day, Prithvi went with the lanky man to check some deserted shop. He was still unclear about staying there as he wanted to flee with the money to win back what he lost. He was in a dilemma and stressed with too much of thinking and his bathtub looked inviting… The same scenario repeated. He drifted to a peaceful sleep and he saw himself as an owner of a grocery store… He was getting richer and started employing people. This time when he woke up, he was panting… He decided to verify and rushed to the shop to buy it. He set up a grocery store and in no time his business grew as the people had to actually go downhill for all the basic things. His shop was a blessing in disguise. Along with the shop, Prithvi grew too. He renovated the entire house but left the bathroom untouched. Meanwhile he understood the pattern of the vision…whenever he was in a dilemma or in doubt, he had visions to make a decision favourable to him and it appeared at a time when he clearly never expected it . Bathtub was more of a moral support to him now… it made him take a decision about his life partner… visions about his kid when doctors said there are complications… It was everything to him now!
His wife didn’t feel good about the bathroom… she felt it somehow didn’t match with the grand house but didn’t protest as she had seen the other side of Prithvi who was usually a calm man when this topic was brought up. One fine day when Prithvi entered, he found voices from his private place… his bathroom… he never allowed anybody to enter. He rushed to find a plumber working on the leaking tube. He was furious. He tried all possible ways… days passed…months passed… years passed… No visions!
After the repeated persuasion from his wife, he decided to bid adieu to his bathtub. He gave it one last try… As always… No vision! He could only see the large crack that had develop on the bathtub. Having no hope, with a heavy heart he disposed his priceless possession much to the joy of his wife. Life moved on as always!
Prithvi was enjoying his oldage when he saw his son rushing out of the bathroom gasping for breath. His house was always filled with old things as his son was an antique collector. He didn’t pay much heed to the decorated bathtub his son had got home last night. The moment he stepped in he understood the reason behind his son’s shock. He couldn’t stop smiling! The bathtub too smiled at him back through its crack ;)

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