Whats so funny?

Within four-tenths of a second of exposure to something potentially funny, an electrical wave moves through the cerebral cortex, the largest part of the brain. If the wave takes a negative charge, we go Ha Ha Ha Ha :lol: . If it maintains a positive charge,  we say PJ :roll:and turn away. But these days, the wave mostly remains positive and make people give a ‘mokkai’/ ‘PJ’ reaction and turn away even for a potentially funny stuff :roll:
Of-late there are 4 kinds of reactions that are triggered when a joke is said
:arrow: ROFL :lol: :lol: :lol:
:arrow: LOL :lol:
:arrow: :lol:
:arrow: PJ :roll: /Mokkai :roll:
These reactions does not depend on the joke but depends on the mood of the receiver. LOL, ROFL and others were coined for online chats but thanks to the over exposure to watsapp/FB, people give the same reaction even in the real world. When a joke is told, they “say” LOL with a smile and carry on with the next work. I was shocked when my friend said “Lol! Good one” while I was laughing catching my stomach seeing something funny. When I asked her whether she didn’t find it funny, she gave me a look that said ‘Behave! We are in a public place’. I went :oops: as most of the people in the gang belonged to her category. People who prefer saying ‘LOL’ rather than actually laughing-out-loud.
The other day I made my cousin, who is in her 8th class watch ‘Michael Madhana Kamarajan’ with me. I had convinced her that every scene is hilarious in this tamil movie of Kamal Hassan that can tickle your ribs. So finally she agreed to watch it with me. There was this scene where Oorvasi says ‘Neengalum cooku unga gramamum cooku’ with her palakaad slang and kamal gives a peculiar type of giggle (Translation will not work for this joke… So forget it ) I gave out a laugh and looked at my cousin with all pride of introducing her to an out and out funny movie… That one look of hers made me go Phuusss! She yawned at me and said ‘PJ’ and walked away busy with her watsapp :roll:
It looked completely weird especially for me who has many a time got caught laughing uncontrollably in class. The worst part is I have  continued laughing even while standing out :P I break out laughing any moment and once I start, its very difficult for me to stop…  When somebody says ‘Don’t laugh!’ my humour cells shout ‘Boost is the secret of my energy’ and double their productivity (YEA impact :P ), thereby causing a laughter attack:lol: When am having that laughter attack, I actually catch my stomach and roll on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes. Many who don’t laugh after the joke, start laughing after seeing my laughter attack :oops: But I really feel rejuvenated after that laughing attack :)
I feel people have started taking life way too seriously. Laughing has become ‘Not-so-cooool’ these days especially with teen kids. When I showed an article to this teen kid near my house about benefits of laughing, she told me ‘ you can laugh when alone but not when outside or when you have people around. Our expressions look so eeewww when we laugh. Imagine your crush looking at you when you are laughing like that. Goodness me! ‘ I was looking at her with wide open mouth… Is there so much thinking behind simple laugh? This kind of logic was completely new to me plus I have never seen a mirror and laughed, to judge my expression *facepalm* I continued to question her. Every answer of hers made my mouth open wider. I can never think so much when something funny happens… I had a perception that laughing is an involuntary action till I spoke to her :roll:
I just want to reiterate, laughter is a good medicine (I don’t mean the LOLs and ROFLs). It is very contagious, so when you are using this medicine you are not only curing yourself but also people around. When somebody sends you a joke and if you find it funny, laugh it out. Never bother about the place you are in, people around you etc etc. You are in a bus and your friend does something funny, you have all the liberty to laugh. People might give you weird looks, but who cares. It’s ultimately our day, why should we let others take control over it.
Life is short… Laugh to make it sweet!

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