Memories Refreshed

After a series of repeated complaints from my mother, I finally sat down to clean my cupboard. As soon as I opened the doors, I felt like an archaeologist unearthing items that went missing years ago :P In the process, I found an old hand bag that had a Rs 500 note… There is nothing like seeing Gandhiji’s smiles on a month end (28th) … The smile was infectious and I safely kept my first discovery in my wallet (Well… it didn’t stay there for long… it disappeared through the hands of my mom to a plumber even before I took a second look at Gandhiji’s smile :( )
After removing few fat fat books which I had bought and hardly used during my engineering days, I found a small diary. No… No… No… I didn’t unearth any hidden secrets as they show in films… it was just a normal used diary :P I started flipping through the pages frantically hoping to find something interesting… All that I found were just
  • Few essays
  • List of homeworks
  • Time Table
  • Series of Name-Place- Animals-Things games
  • Book cricket scores
  • Written conversations between my friend and me that happened when classes were going on
  • 2 mountains+a rising sun+2 coconut tree+ a hut = scenery drawing when drawn in class 4
  • 2 mountains+a rising sun+ 4 coconut trees+ 2 huts+ river + few birds = improved scenery drawing in class 5
  • A cartoon network pamphlet with Popeye which was safely kept between the pages
There was an essay written for which the topic was ‘My happiest moment’. I had written‘My happiest moment was when Library ma’am gave me the new copy of ‘Enid Blyton’s Famous Five’ on wednesday. I was very sad that all the Famous Five books were taken and I had to read ‘A tiger in the house by Ruskin Bond’ which I have already read. I repeatedly told her that I read but she didn’t listen and asked me to go to my seat. I took the book, opened and kept looking with tear filled eyes at my friends who were reading Famous Five. Library ma’am saw my sad face and called me again. She asked me to tell the story of ‘A tiger in the house’ to check if I have read it really. I told her the story correctly. She became happy and opened the cupboard that was high up with a key that she keeps in the 1st zip of her handbag. She took a new book ‘Five on a Hike Together’ and gave it to me. I became very very happy.’
I couldn’t stop laughing after reading this. There were few more writings about ‘My Best friend’‘My Summer Holidays’‘My Favourite Place’. I had mentioned, ‘My favourite place is Marina Beach. It is my favourite because I like beach. Water is very essential for humans and beach is filled with water. Along with water there is sand, ice creams, corn, mango.’
I felt so embarrassed, at the same time I couldn’t stop smiling. It brought back so many memories. My teachers, friends, van, time table, birthday chocolates…I found few wrappers stuck with arrow mark saying ‘Ahan’s bday.He gave me an extra chocolate as he is my best friend. Another was Manali’s birthday chocolate. I like this chocolate a lot and will give this for my happy birthday too’ :mrgreen: Everything appeared in front of me as I read through the diary… the happy moments, the fights, exams… I could visualize everything :D
I also found a 2GB transcend pendrive that had the below photo apart from few PPTs.
I had done it using Photoshop (for the first time) for ‘Madras Day contest’ , 5 years back. I didn’t win the contest but still I was so thrilled to see the output of my creativity :mrgreen:
Moral of the Story: Next time when your mother scolds you to clean your room. Try obliging. You never know what’s lying under covers ;)
PS: You are asking what happened to the cleaning… You should have got the hint seeing the detailed walk through of my diary ;) I cannot unearth all the treasures on the same day… So I had to put a board ‘To be continued’ to my cleaning the cupboard mission :P :lol:

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