Hammering the nails of Violence

Did you check the latest clippings of Paul Walker Car crash? Whoa! Mind blowing… When I answered in negative, my cousin immediately added, “It has crossed million likes!” I was shocked. People like a video of a person dying :roll: Same was the case with the ATM havoc video of Bangalore where a lady was beaten up.
There are these compilation of videos ‘Gone in 60 seconds’, ‘world’s most scariest moments’ and so on, that show accidents that are really pathetic. A lady near my house was proudly telling my mom that her kid will eat only when he watches that show. Similarly, the kid was so excited everytime when a car crashed and went ablaze.
This is not only with the kids, the other day when an accident happened near beach, I found a crowd had gathered there. From the crowd, I found one of the boys talking to his friend ‘Dei Machan! sema accident da… Epdi skid aachu theriyuma… Naan video va FB la upload pandren… paaru!’ (He was ‘thrilled to see the accident and was excited about uploading the same in FB).
There was this cartoon that I saw in a magazine which was a perfect depiction, though a bit of exaggeration. A guy would be hanging downhill holding a weak  branch that would give up any moment. Seeing his state, one guy would rush to him as a God Sent Angel. While this guy heaves a sigh of relief, the saviour takes pics from different angles and says ‘Nice show! Dude’ and walks aways texting.
I feel somewhere down the line we are starting to get immune to violence. I am not sure when or how this transition was triggered. I still remember closing my eyes seeing a scene where a guy picks up a gun for shooting when I was in my primary classes and even today, blood sheds give a chill run through my spine. But the shocking reality is that, such kind of videos are the ones that are shared the most and liked the most. Every news channel was showing that ATM incident, time and again irrespective of the audience watching. I feel this is reflected in movies too. There is a line between being brave and accepting violence. I feel this line is slowly disappearing and getting immune to bloodshed is regarded as cool and brave.
Are we getting insensitive day by day? Is the value of human life losing its meaning? Are the nails of violence are slowly hammered into us? Points for us to ponder!
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