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Weekly Random Thoughts

Many asked me why don’t I post anything on Sunday like I used to do before… So somehow, I made up my mind to post today… As soon as I thought about posts… My dear Brain flooded me with ideas (Previous post worked on it ;) ) which were no way related to each other :roll:
:arrow: “Visually challenged student bags top honours at IIT kharagpur” It made me say a loud WOW… The same day I went shopping to TNagar. There was a book stall that got my attention… The in charge greeted me with a broad smile that covered up the left sleeve that was hanging empty… It made me respond back with a smile that had a touch of respect :) I decided to buy some book and picked up the best seller book that was lying in the front and read the summary at the back… “Ma’am… What kind of book are you looking for?” My jaw dropped upon hearing the accent and style in that 1 sentence… Yes, it was the same incharge…” He went on to tell me about various books, authors… lines that he enjoyed reading… I was spell bound seeing his knowledge and hold over the language :) I walked out of the shop with few books, lots of pride to have met such a person and a whole lot of sweet memories to cherish :)
:arrow: Early in the morning (8 am)  when I get down from my bus and walk inside my campus… There will be many earthworms loitering here and there… So I’ll try my best not to stamp them and always hop around carefully so that my leg doesn’t hurt them… In this process, I’ll even miss to greet people who come towards me :roll: But, I’ll feel so bad to find so many worms that would be lying around dead, stamped due to our hastiness :roll: So there was this black ant that was partially stamped, I looked at it as it was about to breathe last… Like hero entering, another ant entered the scene, lifted it and took it to his hiding :) Another heroic act ;)
:arrow: My friend and me went to the theater just 20 minutes before the show… The person in the counter gave us the list of movies that were being played at various screens… I politely returned it back without even glancing and asked him “Is there any ticket available for any movie for this show? ” He threw us a :? look and doubtfully kept glancing at us…He told no… I immediately exclaimed “Yae Yae Yae… Thank u!”  He was having an infinite ???? look now… I explained “Thanks! I won the bet… I told you won’t have any ticket for any movie while my friend told you will… Thanks for making me win ” :P Without throwing a 2nd glance at him, I pulled my friend out and we had a hearty laugh about our silly behaviour :P
:arrow: After a heavy lunch at a restaurant, when we came out, there was a tribal lady who was having a girl kid in her hand and was trying to sell some books… She came to me, I told her that I don’t want books but gave a 20 rupee note to her… She asked the kid to get it… The kid brought its right hand from behind, got the money, smiled at me and told ‘thanku’ (pronounce as spelled) :) I was delighted to see the kid and a bit surprised to see a such a kid with so good manners… She even kept waving bye to us till we crossed that road… That happiness was priceless :)
:arrow: I was watching the audio launch with Illayaraja’s concert… It had foreign orchestra and was too too grand :) They had that ‘coming up next’ section during the break… I found that, next was my favourite song, for which I was actually sitting all through the concert… I geared up and sat comfortably… Didn’t even change the channel during the break… As soon as the break was over and the concert resumed….  PHAATTT… Power cut :roll: I was fuming with rage and checked the time… Yes the same 1 hour cut… It just got on my nerves… I started fuming about all the socio-economic probs at that moment :roll: Uffffff… the inability to see a single song… brought out the social activist in me :P
:arrow: I played ‘book cricket’ where all your favourite players depend on the pages of your book and luck of your hand to score their runs… after a long long long time(after schooling )… Felt great to play it again :)
:roll: Too many random thoughts and happenings in the past week :) So I’ll stop my Sunday special here… Have a great week ahead :)

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