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My Dear Brain…

Most of the time when I try to get something… when I try to remember something… My brain goes off for an indefinite strike and fails to co operate :roll:
My brain does that right from schooling… I will do a lot of maska chaska for it before the exam… I have already told you that I am a person who cramps everything overnight before the exam… So I’ll cajole my brain with nutritious brain foods like badam , etc… to help me out. It will happily accept everything at the moment, promising me help for 3hrs at the hall. I’ll smile happily and sit for the exams , till I get the question paper :roll:
When I start going through the question paper, I’ll come across a question… which will look familiar… Yes, question will look familiar… When I start recollecting that answer, That’s it , Power off! My brain puts out a voice message “The person you are trying to call is currently unreachable… Please try again later”.
Phattt… Over… Though I’ll move on and finish my paper with option question… As soon as I step out of the exam hall… My brain will change its status from unreachable to readily available and would obediently give out the answer with a sarcastic smile :roll: Seeing me fuming with rage, it will show funny faces at me and give out even unwanted answers from the previous years syllabus too…
This continued in college… This time record notes and lab coats were its mode of play… I’ll try locating them, I’ll turn my room upside down. My lab coat and record books will hide off under their captain’s (my brain’s )instruction… Find me if you can (villain laugh) will be their tag line… Again my Goody Goody brain…. “Find them on your own… No life lines allowed… Sorry i can’t help you… Rules don’t allow “ .
Somehow I’ll borrow from my friend and finish off with it and when I return to my room… My lab coat will shout “heya… Am here” and will be right in front of my eyes… on my bed :roll:
I can hear the Ufffffssss you people tell now…
So why am I telling all these suddenly… Yes! My darling brain reminded me of a tune early in the morning… But it is not giving out the lyrics… Yeah one of its same old game… :roll: So, am literally breaking my head for it…
So meanwhile I thought, I’ll do its due honour by dedicating a post to it :roll:
PS: Its also a way of cajoling my brain to give out the song before my head splits…. Shhhhh Secret ;)
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