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Do I really Know You?

I don’t know how many of them would have watched this Bru ad starring Karthi and kajal Agarwal…. The theme of the ad is “Get to know your dear ones over a cup of coffee “.
Its so apt… How many of us know(in the sense…. really know) about our near and dear ones? First of all do we spend time with people around us? The interaction has almost become zero…Its come to a situation where our lives are confined to the screen and the issues before us… We have started knowing more about applications, gadgets and stuffs rather than the real people. ‘Lets talk over a cuppa coffee’ is now the words of monitor… We prefer getting cups to desk and telling cheers to the system :roll:
Few of my friends remark as and when they see my post… “I didn’t know this about you till I saw the post ” The worst will be that, that friend would have known me from my college :roll:
I do this making friends thing wherever I go… Similarly, during my first day of hostel, when people were busy crying, I was busy consoling them (though even I was new :P ) and introducing myself :P After that I don’t know how… gangs started coming into place… People got confined to their gangs for lunch, tea, dinner etc (I was no exception) :roll: So when my friend introduces somebody and says “this person studied in our col only”. I’ll give a blank look which would clearly give out “Really?”… It would be even more embarassing to say I don’t know the person when he/she says “Hey I’ve seen you in col…. I know you” :oops:
So why am I starting this suddenly… Few days back I saw a girl in my building… It rang a bell like I’ve seen her somewhere… After a deep photo matching that my brain did, we (my brain and me) decided that the girl used to travel in the same bus during acadamy and would mostly land up sitting together. She was standing alone in the pantry, so I went to her, smiled and asked “hey hi… You did your training in ASV?” She was like “yeah… we went in same bus” and walked off… I was a bit irritated as she couldn’t even reply a hi for a courtesy sake too… Leave “hi” not even a smile :roll: Similarly, when there was no seat in the bus, thanks to my making friends everywhere nature… I had friends who immediately adjusted and made a 2 seater, a 3 seater for me :) But the girl who got in, in the next stop, had to stand for the entire journey. None even bothered to even move a muscle and ask her for courtesy sake. I always offer to adjust , when I find people standing…cos its a long journey… and of course we all work under the same roof :roll:
This attitude made me realise the value and consideration for each  other is fast decreasing… Its high time we realise we are humans and not machines!
I really don’t know how many of us would clear the test if there was a question to list the names of  the people in their bay. Do we know everybody, around us, with whom we spend more than 9hrs a day, by their names ? :roll:
When I got into a share auto, I realised that I have gone in that share auto more than thrice… The driver also felt me to be familiar He asked… “CTS dhana ma” (CTS only right? ) I felt it good that he remembered me (without me wearing my id) among his 100 passengers that he sees everyday… I acknowledged “Kalakkarenga anna… Sema memory power” (Superb bro! U have great memory) which immediately made the tensed auto driver brighten with a 100 whatt smile… Though people around me threw that Be-professional look… I felt good to have acknowledged it :)
Well, I just wanted to say lets be human… Lets just find time to interact with people around us :) Who knows there might be a Bill Gates, or Sunitha Williams sitting with us… Just get to know people, we have lots to learn and know about and from each one :)

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