chinese, contest, humour, temple

Wu Ji Bi Fan

I was walking back home and dodging my way from the street dogs… In that process, I bumped twice at people walking towards me and had to tell a sorry :roll: So finally, I took a completely different road where there were no dogs (Yeah… Am very scared of dogs, so always stay a Kilometer away) :P To my left, I saw a two wheeler coming from a distance and another in the opposite direction after taking a turn, in the same road(Thanks to the superb road sense :roll: )… There is a small temple situated at the middle of the road… The motorist became very devotional and turned towards the temple, his right hand released the handlebar and became available for a quick prayer…The other two-wheeler guy also did the same,  simultaneously and spontaneously as soon as he saw the temple… Remember, both didnt stop the vehicle… Before I could realise, both had collided right in front of the temple and had fallen .. They weren’t hurt but they smiled sheepishly for the way in which they collided… But I couldn’t stop laughing at the heights of devotion that caused the accident ;)
People… Joke over :roll:
PS: Wu Ji Bi Fan is a Chinese saying which means “ Too much of good thing is also a bad thing 

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