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The ‘Kolaveri’ fever

There is a possibility that you may have a very high resistance power that keeps viral fever at bay but not the ‘kolaveri’ fever. This epidemic is fast spreading throughout the world. I realised it today when I was waiting for my bus at my stop. I heard this ‘kolaveri song’ in a completely different style and accent. I looked around and was stunned to see a foreigner humming this song. I don’t think even the makers of the song would have expected such a big reach during the recording.
Many tried to keep themselves away from the attack of this deadly “kolaveri virus”, but all attempts failed. If they opened their facebook, kolaveri video was put on the wall… had they missed it  and switched on their tv set… Our ‘kolaveri virus’ welcomed them… If they had escaped in both the attempts owing to the most frequently visited guest to the house,”power cut”… Not to worry, newspapers took over the job. Headlines flashed about this… The recent one was by Times of India, when Virender Sehwag created a record with his 200 plus runs…”Why this KOLA-VIRU ji?” covered the first page… Commentators used it during match-commentary… Radio stations made use of this opportunity and kept broadcasting the song every now and then…Celebrities tweeted about it…What not? 😆 Am no exception… I kept updating myself with the latest ‘kolaveri’ developments and in turn made it into a blog (my way of spreading the ‘kolaveri’ virus 😉 )

I heard that the video has got more than a million hits in a day. So what’s making this a national..I mean international phenomenon? What’s so special about this? Frankly speaking I have no clue 😉 But there is something in it that creates this magic…Some say its the tune and some say ‘the broken english’… In fact I really didn’t know the meaning of ‘soup song’ when I heard it first. I was taken aback when I got to know the meaning which was no way related to the phrase “am in a soup” ( I actually assumed there might be some similarity initially 😛 ). The catchy tune has paved way to many remakes..Now we have a series of kolaveri videos, divided into categories like for kids ( sung by Nevaan Nigam…Sonu Nigam’s son), for girls(female version), for students(exam version) and so on…
As always this song too had many criticisms… About its lyrics, broken english etc. Whatever said and done this song has become a massive hit. So critics..”Why this kolaveri?” towards the song 🙂 It has made heads turn and take notice of it!
                              So I write this blog-u, to keep up with the trend-u 😛
                                                               As we are all fans-u 😉  

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