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Yummy :)

Feels great to blog today!!! It has been a very very long time(almost a week) since I posted. I always open my blog to write a post,some work or the other crops up and I’ll have to close it. You see I can’t spare you all for long(from reading my blog), so finally decided to curb the growing defaulter in me 😛 Get ready I go 😛

My friends and me were discussing something and suddenly one of my friend asked us about a vegetable and its availability here, only the hindi name was known. Soon all of us started asking her for more details about it as if it were a missing kid 😉 Immediately each of us jumped up with Eureka…I found the vegetable…As it always happens all of us were wrong with our findings…Soon the discussion changed its course(girls are very good at jumping from one topic to another) and we started talking about the speciality dishes in every state( Wondering what happened to that vegetable right..?poor thing…we termed it as extinct as we are not aware about it 😆 )

We started exploring the diversity that exists in our country… It started with our our Paschim Banga…West Bengal…The very first thought was Rosogullas…. Bengali sweets are something that none of us would have missed! Mishti Doi (a typical Bengali dessert made from milk) tops my list! Man!The mere thought of it makes my mouth to water 😉
Next came Mumbai’s very own vada pao…A very simple but a distinct snack from our west India! We travelled south to discover the kitchen wonders! Gonghura welcomed us to “the spicy state”…Yes! Andhra… I would always term the pickles from here as “The Pickles”… Its just Bindaas! Not to forgetHyderabadi Briyani which has got fans from everywhere!

Now its the turn of Our God’s own Country…Kerala! Known for its lavish use of coconut…I actually had a tough time deciding the best ones as all the dishes are delicious… Ada pradhaman, chakka pradhaman are my favourite… Erissery, kootan, avial and how can I forget.. The nendram chips(banana chips) are authentic kerala dishes and a must try!

Last but not least…The state that boasts of Idly-vada-sambhar… Tamil Nadu! We have its dosa fans spread all over the world…Other than these show toppers we have several other dishes from various districts in TN… Like Chettinad special items…Kuzhipaniyaram(I had a tough time explaining this to my friends), aapam are sure to attract any foodie!
India is rich not only in its culture but also in its food varieties! No one can eat just once, is very apt for our dishes 🙂
Hope you are hungry now 😆 My job is done 😉

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