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Its Christmas!!!

Brightly lighted stars and well decorated christmas trees greet us from every nook and corner of the city….Yes! Its christmas season on…Gifts, feasts, holidays,what not! Preparations for the celebrations are much grander in the west,now India is catching up with the trend fast(thanks to IT companies and clients abroad 😛 )…  So few facts(that are less known) about this much awaited christmas!

  • The story of Santa Clause originated in Europe in the 4th century when a bishop named St.Nicholas of Myra spread goodwill and generosity throughout the land. He was known to go about on a white horse giving anonymous gifts by night.His travelling clothes were bishop red and he carried a staff.
  • Santa Clause’s raindeers are called Dasher, Dancer, Prance, Vixen, Comet, Cuppid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.
  • christmas_carols_2331_thumb.jpgIt was St. Francis of Assisi who introduced the Christmas carols to formal church services. The word comes from the ancient Greek word ‘choros’ which means “dancing in a circle”, and from the old French word Carole, meaning “a song to accompany any dancing”.
  • arvore-de-natal-1.pngEvergreen tree as Christmas tree – The ancient Egyptians and Hebrews considered the evergreen tree,because it is perpetually green, as a symbol of eternal life.
  • Why do we decorate the x’mas tree?– Christmas tree decorations in Europe, were customarily made of food,principally cookies and candy.This symbolically expresses thanks for“Our Daily Bread”.
  • X’mas– It is used as because the Greek letter “X” is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ,Xristos. Xmas therefore means “Christ’s mass”.

Let this Christmas bring lots of happiness and prosperity to all!  Merry Christmas!!! 🙂
                                               Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle All the way…


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