Pi – A big Bye

I was waiting to post this today as today is an unique day… Pi Approximation day (22/7)… There are many lectures and events going on to celebrate this day, I thought I’ll chip in too and do my bit ;)

In a classroom there is always a section (20%) with students who are too good at maths.. The kids whose mothers and teachers will proudly title them as “Next Ramanujam”. They will participate in all Maths Olympiads and other competitions proving the statement. In short perfect IIT material.
Next 40% is a section that are not good with numericals and they are not scared to accept it. Though they’ll be termed “brats” and the notorious gang in the class, they won’t be bothered. In fact they’ll be proud as they can use this power and title to bully the fellow student and get their jobs done. This section is the perfect politician material for future India ;)
The next section (40%) is a very important set. This set will always be ignored and will either be clubbed with the 1st section (by mistake) or the second section (by partial mistake). This is the section that has students who do maths but still don’t like numericals. They are scared to accept that and enter the 2nd section as they want that goody-goody tag. But clearly know they don’t fit in the 1st section too. This set is a perfect material for future “Indian Janata”… Scared to declare what they feel and go ahead with what others feel for them ;)
In India, right from pre-schooling we are brought up showing the 1st section “To-be Ramanujams” and instructed to be like them. If you like maths you are a brilliant, extra ordinary, amazing… Am at loss of superlatives ;) If you say you don’t like maths, the elders will look at you with a reaction that occurs when a cockroach is seen ;)
So, I belong to this “Indian Janata” section :roll: Though I used to score well in Maths, I never used to like it (Even today my mom gives me a don’t-tell that stare)… My teachers and relatives classified me in the 1st section and when I used me among the “To-be Ramanujams” I used to sit like :? seeing them jump with answers while I would then only be starting off with 5 in the mind and 3 in the hand stuff :lol:
In our school, the teachers used to check the rough column too :roll: I didn’t have the habit of doing anything rough in that 3 hrs… After repeated instructions (rather warnings ), I started following this technique. I’ll finish off my exam phata-phat and will be decorating my rough column with numbers all over so that it’ll be difficult to decipher and teachers will assume I follow their instructions diligently ;)
The fun part will be during exams in higher classes… I’ll finish off my paper and when I look around , I’ll see my friends desperately searching the log book for something and pressing the buttons of the calculator with full josh…  I would never have used both all through the paper.. I used to again look into my question paper to check whether I have missed out something :roll: The worst part will be when the invigilator comes up to me, throws a suspicious glance and asks whether I don’t want any log book :? Sometimes they used to stand near me and read my paper. I used to hate it and will start drawing lines, margins and keep turning the sheets. They’ll get irritated and leave… Then I used to continue writing from where I left ;)To avoid such unnecessary commotion I used to simply get the log book (even if I don’t need it ) and keep searching… just to show off ;)
This continued all through my schooling and in Engineering, even when I declared I am not comfortable with numbers, people used to laugh at me as if I cracked the biggest joke :roll:They didn’t believe and I was made a part of the 1st section as always… While we were preparing for campus interviews (aptitude tests), people used to come to me for cracking a problem. Though I used to somehow crack it (I told you I belong to that section that never accepts about its mathsphobia ),  I used to break my head and turn the room upside down to find the answer.
Thank God! CTS didn’t have maths papers as part of dovetail… else the pretension would have continued 🙄  So, now why did I start all these… Hee Hee Hee :lol: I don’t know… Just to tell that Pi is a big bye-bye in my life ;)

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