God Particle- Kids’ Version

Today, all of a sudden, while talking to my friends I mentioned about “God” particle, I was reminded of this cute incident. I felt like blogging something, so why not about this God-ly particle that made everybody talk .
Few kids were playing near my house and I was observing them for a while. All of a sudden, these kids gathered around a place. I was curious to know what is it and moved closer to them. The guy who was considered to be the most intelligent one… His looks justified it… Round glasses, serious no-nonsense look and a commanding voice. Perfect Professor, I thought.Others watched him in rapt attention.
Our Professor was busy in observing something on the ground and the other kids were busy observing him. One kid from the gang lost his patience and went on to touch that thing on the ground. “HEEEEYYYY” Everybody shouted in chorus and his hand pulled back in immediate reflex. Our Geeky Prof gave him a stern look for breaking the unspoken rules… The same look that’s given to the brat of the class…
Taking this as a lesson, another kid, this time, a girl,  asked our professor polietely “Can we touch it? What is it?” Professor immediately nodded his head in straight refusal without any second thoughts. He went on to add “If u touch it… Your hands will not move… It will get frozen… Then its your wish” I could see terror in the eyes of the girl. Everybody moved a step back after the comment, our professor continued to stay near, unperturbed …
I couldn’t stop giggling. He looked down upon those kids and threw an open question “So what do you think it is?” Just like in class, a little girl raised her hand, waiting for our prof’s permission to speak out. Upon getting the slight nod she went on to tell “Its a kind of virus that spreads disease”. I was wondering virus discovered without microscope… Wow :P
This answer made everybody crawl even more back. Professor disapproved it and said “anybody else?” A puny little boy whispered in a hoarse  tone… “May be a magical stone”… Professor – “Please I don’t want any Harry Potter stories here”… “Any other valid ones”. This made that puny guy drop his bat down with full force, showing his frustration but our professor wouldn’t care about this.
“Okay, I myself will explain about this… This is God-particle… Scientists have found it recently…” I was completely taken aback by his answer… I never expected our Professor to rediscover the God particle.
He continued “It is directly from God… When God brushes the dust on his dress , these particles fall down…” All were listening to him with wide open eyes… The curious guy questioned “If its coming from God why shouldn’t we touch it?” The prof replied “Its were powerful… You cannot take that power… You need special gloves to touch it or your hands will be frozen (he meant paralyzed) forever…”
The cute girl whose eyes was still fixed on that particle asked “What dress will God wear?” I found it to be a logical question. The curious boy snubbed her saying sarcastically “Definitely not a white frock with red dots “(the dress she was wearing), mocking her voice and tone… Uffff! Guys are guys always :lol: I couldn’t hold back my smile. Another girl replied “Haven’t you watched movies, he’ll wear very expensive clothes… Million times more expensive than what mamma buys”… Now everyone understood the magnitude… :roll:
It was a puny guy’s turn now “What do we do now… Shall I call my dad?” The professor took control… “Don’t panic… I can handle it alone…” He ordered seeing one of  them… “Go get a polythene cover” and to another “A mug of water”.
Immediately the white-frock-with-red-dots girl and the puny boy ran in different directions and came in no time with the required items.
The professor instructed everybody to move away… He slowly and carefully wrapped his hand in the cover and when he was about to touch it, the kids screamed “Hey don’t” Our brave professor didn’t hear, which made everybody close their ears anticipating some blast or something…
As if he is diffusing a bomb, he carefully dropped it in the mug of water and called the mission, a success… “Now that we have dropped it in water, its energy is diffused.” The curious boy “Can we touch it now”… Prof “Not now… May be after a week… Then it will be fully weak” (I found the rhyme, to be great ;)  )
So the group of scientists led by the professor carefully carried it away… I stopped them and suppressing my giggle asked them “what is it”… The curious boy explained everything in detail to me.
I asked the professor “What are you going to do with this”
Prof “Am going let it stay like this without disturbance for a week and then take it to school to my science teacher .”
Me: “Who told you its God particle?”
Prof: “I know… I saw it in paper and dad also told.” All kids agreed in unison
I just put my hand in the mug and took it out in a jiffy… All the kids looked at my hand to see whether it was frozen(paralyzed). The prof spoke in a defensive tone now “Since its in water, its energy is diffused. I replied “Its just a pebble but with a shiny coat.” All gave him a ready-to-kill look. So I tried saving him “Hold on… He’s not fully wrong. Something called God particle is found.” This made our professor beam proudly.
Still there was a bit of doubt on everybody’s face… So I had the pebble on my palm and asked them to touch it. Everybody hesitated but the curious boy who had always wanted to touch it, stepped forward and took it from my hand. “See, nothing happened to him”.
The professor shot back “So then what’s God particle?” I comfortably sat on a low parapet, taking my time to form my answer… I made the white-frock-with-red-dots girl sit on my lap  and the other kids made themselves comfortable nearby.
I was sure if I take the word sub-atomic particle, mass and stuffs they are not going to understand anything. I started (Remember, its the kid’s version… So if any mistakes, don’t mind) “Universe was formed trillions and trillions of years ago… As you all know, humans, that’s us, didn’t exist then. So scientists now, decided to find how this was possible. Universe is made of many tiny particles that we cant see. This wall, your shirt, everything has these kind of particles (I meant atoms that have protons, neutrons).”
The girl looked back and asked “Is it dust?” I smiled and continued “No, its tinier than that… It cannot be seen without powerful microscope. So, by finding out most of the particles that were present, the puzzle about universe was getting slowly solved for the scientists. There was this one particular particle left out to solve the mystery. And now, the scientists have found that particle too. That’s God particle.”
The professor asked me, “Why is it called God particle?” I can’t tell them a scientist, remarked “Goddamn particle”… As I wouldn’t be able to explain that term to them… So I told them “Since they were not able to find them, out of frustration, one of them remarked ‘ God! Particle’ and from then on its called God particle, though its real name is ‘Higgs Boson’. ”
They nodded as if they understood what I told. But I was happy, I was able to atleast make them understand its something that we cannot see and not this pebble.
P.S. : This is absolutely a kids’ version… Kindly overlook the mistakes if any ;)

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