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The Ghost hunters

After a lot of experiments with poem, fiction.. uffff!!!! Am back to what I am comfortable at… Yes! To just write posts that doesn’t fall under any category ;)
College life is fun…. But college life combined with hostel life!!! People who have experienced it would say… Simply out of the world ! Yes, am one of the blessed few to have experienced it. The entire 4 years of my college life, I stayed in hostel. The first 2 years was a pakka hostel life…where rules and regulations dominated (supposedly dominated ;)) the fun… No mobiles were allowed, (don’t ask me whether none of us used it :P )  everybody should be in before 6.30 pm (we followed this ) so on and so forth…
Hostel life is always “eventful”… We have some or the other exciting news making rounds everyday. That too, during the travel, each person adds more spices to the piece of news making it a super, bollywood style movie with twists and turns. Finally, the next day, when we get the same news in class, it would be a complete movie, ready for any Yash raj Productions ;) “Ghosts” have always been a happening topic… right from my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s father’s generation (read the relation again if you don’t get it the first time ;) ) till now… We also weren’t left behind. Am not sure whether ghosts were going round in our hostel, but definitely the stories about them were.
One such story was a very interesting one, have you ever heard of a ghost wearing a suit and hat? Don’t giggle ;) even William Friedkin, director of the famous “The Exorcist” wouldn’t have thought about it. One of the girls in hostel claimed to have seen a ghost that disappeared in the floodlight at 4 am… According to the description, I imagined it to be a look-alike of James Bond :P
Even guys were not left behind. They always bump against ghosts during their late night rides. Our college was situated almost near the NH.. so it was pretty deserted… To add on there was a burial ground situated opposite, making ghosts stories an inevitable visitor to the hostel.
Am very adventurous, esp. when ghosts are involved, so are my close friends. We always had wanted to encounter something abnormal. But nothing like that ever happened. Watching horror movies in hostel is something I enjoyed, the most. We used to switch off all lights and settle comfortably to catch the flick. So we(few of us who are considered fearless… The rest have to agree as they didn’t like to be teased as cowards ;) ) prefer watching it only late nights. If we are planning to watch the movie that night, we’ll start the preparation in the morning itself like borrowing woofers from neighbouring rooms, etc. We’ll start the movie at around 11pm. Within few minutes, I would feel my friend sitting next to me moving closer. When quizzed, she’ll blame the fan, stating no air is reaching her :lol: So whenever we expect the ghost to appear in the movie, she’ll turn her face and will keep asking whether the scene is over. Straining so hard, she’ll still watch the ghost movie but sans the ghost ;)
The highlight is if somebody knocks the door during some prime horror scene… Spontaneously everybody will shout, making the one standing on the other side of the door also to shout. Atleast this is acceptable… The best part is people from the neighbouring rooms, don’t know why,but will also shout, making the security jump up from his sleep :P… From that, I realized, shouting is also a chain- reaction similar to nuclear chain-reaction ;)
One day, my friend claimed that she could “feel” ghost outside our room. She told us, though she sleeps off early, she somehow wakes up exactly at 2 am. She could see something eerie and also heard the anklet sound (as portrayed in movies to show the presence of ghosts ;) ). So, in order to clear her doubt my friends and me stayed up till 2 am expecting an adventurous night. But as usual, nothing happened. My friend claimed, the ghost must have sensed us waiting, so didn’t appear. I didn’t know ghosts had spy :roll: :lol:So the next day, we slept, exactly at 2am, my friend banged my door and was hell-bent to prove us about the ghost as we didn’t believe her. One of my friends and me went out of the room (there is a huge circular ground in the middle), to catch the ghost red- handed and dragged my friend who claimed to have seen it, along with us (despite her resistance). As we went towards the origin of sound, my friend became more and more nervous, that we literally had to carry her forcefully to locate. So finally the mystery was unraveled! A girl from my hostel was following Jr AB’s idea of walk and talk(Yeah! at 2 am ;) ) We wanted my friend to come out of the fear, so we insisted her to open her eyes and see by herself(we didn’t tell her what we saw ;) )My friend refused to open her eyes as she didn’t want to see the “ghost”. We were only 5 feet away from the “ghostly” girl, when we managed to make my friend to look up. I really didn’t expect the shout chain-reaction to start. “Aaaaaaaa” my friend shouted, the girl dropped her phone and shouted back “Aaaaaaaa”, the person in the phone also joined the chorus. As soon as the chain shout started , me and my friend (one who came with me to discover the ghost ) fled to our room knowing that our warden would definitely appear (that’s more dangerous than the ghost consequences ) :P
We laughed till the next day. That poor “ghostly” girl, stopped wearing anklet from that day. Till today, we tease my friend with this incident.
Incidents like these can never be forgotten and becomes a part of our book called “sweet memories”.

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