55- Fiction

As stated in Wikipedia, 55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction that are either limited to a maximum of fifty-five words or have a requirement of exactly 55 words (no more and no less).” So thought of giving it a try for a contes organized in my company. Here are my entries:

Empty House….Beware!!!

Door was locked…Sure! Nobody around…
Panting hard, he picked a huge stone…
Broke open the door…and went in slowly!
Yes… Lucky! Cupboard was left unlocked….!
Suddenly a phone vibrated, grabbing his attention
With lot of hesitation, he pressed the green button…
“Sorry I forgot to give the keys to the neighbour” His wife’s voice echoed!!!

Clean Bowled !!!

Servant:“Where does our little madam go for tuitions?”
Lady: “To a very brilliant IIT-ian… Now I cant explain the term IIT for you… Forget it! ”
Servant: “But whats her name?”
Lady: “Its Priya! Planning to enroll your daughter? Don’t even imagine that… Lots of demand for her!”
Servant: “Madam, Priya is only my daughter!”


We laughed, We talked, shared books… what not!
Train friendship is truly wonderful!
I returned back to my seat after washing my face, only to find the opposite seat empty…
I found that my train-friend had left a book and decided to safeguard it in my handbag….
“Oh no!!!! My handbag? Where did it disappear?”
The God-sent
In this crowded world, there existed a lonely little girl, Riya. After reading “Cindrella”, she prayed for a miracle. Next morning, she found a dog lying near the door.That dog became her world. In the park, she saw a boy happily playing with her dog. She walked away leaving her dog to the “differently-abled” boy.

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