Weekly Pic Prompts- Colours- Navarasa

History: When the mister and I went to DC, we visited a restaurant named RASA. They had hung 9 individual canvas with shades symbolising each Rasa from the Navarasa (given below). In between munching of lemon rice, my brain sparked with why didn’t they have one canvas depicting all shades of Navarasa.

So here we go, my novice attempt in depicting all the shades of Navarasa in one picture. This painting uses just the nine colours of Navarasa.


PS: The phone camera didn’t do a great job of bringing out all the different shades :monkeyclosedeyes:

The nine colors that signifies each emotions are Green (Shringara), White (Hasya), Grey (Karuna), Red (Roudra), Orange (Veera), Black (Bhayanaka), Blue (Bheebhatsya), Yellow (Adbutha) and White (Shantha).

Courtesy :Google, the bit supplier

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