A Bit of everything!

My blogspace was giving that paavam-puppy-face look at me to drive home the point “I’m being ignored” every now and then. Yeah..my blog is always open in one of the tabs…don’t ask me why :P I just like it open even though I am not posting anything…something like self love or rather heights of optimism to find few minutes to update my post when there is a downtime. I wanted a downtime, but I didn’t expect the entire cognizant network will be down *facepalm* So apparantly, I couldn’t make use of downtime and blog :P  Now you may ask, ‘MS Word/notepad must have been fine, why didn’t you write it?’Cross question overruled! *thooki-adichiruven-paathuko-gaaptain-mode*
Oh! West Indies. They were in *thooki-adichiruven-paathuko-gaaptain-mode* throughout. They somehow reminded me of angry hulk on a rampage :roll:  Sigh! If only Indian team had an iron man to punch and say ‘Go to sleep’:|
Whenever Indian team plays, we have so many superstitions going around. It’s that alpa sandhosham of doing our bit to make India win (except for the last match) :P So this time, I had water power instilled in me :P Whenever I drank water, we had Indian team hitting 4s or 6s… In case they are bowling, we had wickets falling. So after the close win against Bangladesh, I was boasting about my water power :P
Me: Seeeee….drinking water worked *dance*
My friend: yeah…it did :O
After few minutes
My friend: Hey! Drink water tomorrow between 1.30 and 4 pm. I have a match.
Well, I forgot to drink (as expected) and I was accused of making their team to lose :roll:
Few years/months back, my friend used to ping me asking me to check some new video in youtube or somebody in FB. These days,
He: Did you check the profiles* that I had sent?
Me: Oh! I forgot. Wait…I’ll see!
He: Yeah yeah! see and tell. Your feedback is important to make a decision. *customer care touch*
You realise that times are changing when the conversation shifts from FB profiles to matrimonial profiles* ;) :P My friend was creating his profile and I had to be this goody goody friend…quality assurance,you see :P Made sure all details listed properly, no typos or any other errors… I raised a defect about his photo but he rejected it stating there was no requirement about it and had to be dealt as a gap item…cos extra amount was to be paid for photo change :P :roll: So I had to give a sign off at the last moment ;)
After Outlook brought in the feature of photo display, it has become another whatsapp/FB…People keep changing it every now and then. I also saw an outlook pic where the guy had uploaded a pic with a celebrity :roll: There was a meeting scheduled and my only source of identifying that person was through outlook image. I registered that in my mind (a tough job definitely) and went ahead to meet at the specified conference room. I waited outside the room as no one was in. Finally a person arrived with laptop and enquired. I assumed it was for conference room and said it was booked for meeting.We are having a meeting and the name of the person who was expected. He displayed his id card with a smile and said I’m the expected person. I was shocked. It was like crazy mohan writing exam for kamal in Vasoolraja. Someone wearing an idcard of someone else and attending the meeting :roll: After the meeting, I came back and rechecked the image in outlook…I still can’t find any resemblance to the person I met :shock:
There is so much happening around us… All we need is a little fun-side to make a very serious scene into a hilarious one…Life is fun ;) Until we meet next time with more goof-ups, this is Aishu signing off… Tataaaa…Byeeeee!

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