APJ Abdul kalam

Dream On!

Dream, Dream Dream! Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action”

His voice reverberated as I read the news on screen that this voice is now a part of history! Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a man who captured the hearts of millions of students with his charisma and simplicity! He redefined leadership and brought in a new dimension to it. Before 2002, all I knew about president of India was just the President’s name that too cos it will be asked in my social science paper. When he was sworn in as 11th President of India in 2002, in the very first class , my history teacher spoke about Dr Kalam to us. She was very excited and the excitement passed on to us as she shared about his life. From that day onwards, our classes never used to end without a slightest mention about him. My history teacher made it a habit to spend the last 10 minutes of her class to talk about the great man.  One day she told us that her friend’s daughter wrote to him and she got a personalised message from the president himself. She added that he can never ignore students however busy he might be as he is a teacher first…. That made each one of us to lit up with joy. We wanted to write to him. I had written a letter about how I was inspired by him and my love for astronomy. I didn’t know whether it would reach him safely if I just address it to ‘President,  Rashtrapathi bhavan’. So I shelved it for the evening and decided to ask my history ma’am the next day.  The next morning, all of a sudden,  we were asked to write a composition about anything of our choice… Being the one with astronomy as dream,  I chose about my role model,  Kalpana Chawla.  I had finished the essay with ‘She dreamt to reach the stars and now has reached far and beyond. She made me realise stars are not far. So here I am with my dreams ready to reach the stars!’  I remember this verbatim as I had to repeat it to many after this  My essay was selected as one among the best few that would reach our Dr.  Kalam representing my school. My joy knew no bounds. Days passed,  months passed… Still no reply.  Everyday I used to ask about it to anyone who can give an answer. All in vain.  Suddenly on a Thursday morning,  principal announced that it was an honour that president recognised and replied to the copy of book sent. She also said it will be out for display in notice board for the benefit of all.  Somehow after finding my way through the crowd,  I managed to read the page long reply from him.  He had mentioned about every essay and had mentioned that he was proud to know that India’s torch bearers are brilliant minds with passion to reach the top.  Regarding my essay,  he had specifically mentioned my last line and said ‘Well written. Dream on young lady! Your success is within your reach.’ It was my happiest moment. From then on, I started enjoying the art of writing. I would even say, if not for that day I wouldn’t have started writing seriously.  The little am able to write today is definitely due to the dose of inspiring words from him.

This is the very small tribute that I can pay to the man who has inspired millions of people like me.

Though he is not around us,  his words,  his deeds and vision will always stay alive in the years to come! He is truly the finest and irreplaceable !

We salute you sir!

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