Stick no Bills?

Few days back when I was walking to a nearby shop, I saw a bright white compound wall with bold black words shouting “STICK NO BILLS”. During my return from the shop, I took the same route but I couldn’t trace this bright white compound wall. I looked around to check whether I took the wrong road, only to find a guy at the fag end of the road busy completing the assigned task. Yes! Sticking posters. He neither bothered about what was written nor about the wall getting spoilt. All that mattered to him was to finish sticking all the posters given to him in any possible space that was seen.
A foreigner started taking pics of him and requested him to pose for his Nikon. His joy knew no bounds :P He, in fact gave a live demo of how a poster is stuck and the foreigner was happy to learn the art quickly. He too did a big favour and stuck a newly released tamil poster and showed a thumbs-up as a sign of his victory :P
Our inclination to stick posters was clearly visible when I found “Happy Birthday Rocky” stuck everywhere along the roads of Adyar and Guindy. Birthday wishes through posters and banners might be common but this was weird. Rocky was a dog :roll: The irony was that an old woman dressed in rags who must have been starving for days together was seen sitting near that “Happy Birthday Rocky” poster. But still, what to do… We (a major section of society) still prefer spending money for printing and sticking birthday wishes for Rocky rather than for feeding the needy.
Another set of posters that irritated me are the small hoardings that are placed on the OMR road depicting disgusting accidents. It makes us feel sick to see that early in the morning… A man who’s head is crushed etc etc… I understand its a measure taken to make people stick to traffic rules to avoid such mishaps. But still, early in the morning, seeing such pics depresses me to the core. So, my friend has a note of all the locations of the posters and ensures that I don’t turn that side :P  Such posters are uncalled for… As people who break rules will continue to break them in spite of such warnings. It only affects the others who travel by that way especially there are many kids who take that route. I wish something is immediately done about such posters.
There are many accidents that are caused due to these hoardings. There are cases where the hoardings have fallen on the vehicles, hence causing accidents.
Sigh! But why do we actually stick posters? Initially, it was the most popular way of advertising when the exposure to media was less. But now, that’s not the case. Social networking sites, online reviews, forums, print media, TV, etc. give a lot of attention and the publicity is phenomenol. But still we stick posters just for cows to eat them (I learnt not only donkeys but even cows eat paper unlike described in my 2nd class science book).
Its our city, our responsibility. We cannot litter on the road and then complain that my city is unclean. Reforms should start from each one of us. Avoid sticking posters and spread the same to your friends. Lets make our city a better place to live!

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