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Beauty…Ugly… I am what I am

Lizzie Velasquez… I don’t know how many would have heard the name… She was termed as ‘The world’s ugliest woman’… She was in news few days before, for her book “Be Beautiful, Be you”…The world which once termed her as ‘ugly’ is now all praises for her ‘motivation’, ‘determination’, what not…( We are born politicians you see).
Am not gonna talk about how she became a successful writer, how she battled criticism… media is doing a good job about it… so I’ll leave it to them… My point is how can we term somebody as ‘ugly’.  Doesn’t it show how heartless we are? Her video clip in youtube few years back, received thousands of hits and there were comments like ‘how disgusting she is’ and many more… Nobody among those thousands bothered to pause a second to think how would she feel when she sees this…
If somebody comes and tells me… leave alone looks… even at my dress that it doesn’t look good on you… My immediate reaction would be “If you don’t like, you don’t see… Simple”… But trust me, that day I would atleast look into the mirror a 100 times analyzing whether its really that bad… I would have that comment ringing in my head (though I try to ignore) throughout the day… I guess this would be the case almost with all of us (hope am not abnormal :? ) This is the scenario with one person … When the entire world terms you ‘ugly’… OMG!
We always preach and go around acting goody goody saying “We don’t believe in looks… A person who is good at heart is actually beautiful…” bla bla bla… But do we follow what we preach?
When we see somebody who is fat… we immediately term that person as a big “foodie” even if the person hardly eats… we crack silly jokes seeing their appearance and get away by saying ‘Be a sport… Why do you always take everything seriously’ :roll: Same applies to somebody with thick framed glass… We call the person ‘nerd’, ‘soda buddi’ (hey don’t ask me to translate it in english :roll: ) irrespective of whether he/she has some medical problems… May be after moving with them for a while, we might turn into that ‘goody goody’ lot again but its not the case when we see them first…
‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’… Oh yeah… Really? Then we must have people being taken to eye clinics for terming somebody ‘ugly’… It is the problem with their eyes and not with us…But its not the case… we immediately rush to beauty creams, 15 ways to to become beautiful in 15 days,… Uffff… what not! We struggle to ‘look beautiful’ rather than to ‘be beautiful’.
So ultimately what am I trying to convey through this post… Errrr… I don’t know… I felt so angry reading that article about Lizzie and immediately wanted to vent it out somehow and my blog came to my rescue as always :roll:

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