‘Super’-stition…still continues to be super???

Few days back, I read a news article where an elder brother killed a pet cat of his younger brother as it always crossed him while he left the house and so he didn’t get his job… Immediately, the younger brother killed his elder brother for killing his pet and is now in jail. Though this incident made me laugh and term it ‘silly’,  I am still not able to digest this has happened in a ‘civilized’ nation. Have beliefs and superstitions overshadowed the value of life?
First of all my biggest doubt is, who named it ‘superstition’?… I don’t understand what is ‘super’ about it. Anyways, we are known for our deep rooted and varied culture. This made beliefs also vary and multiply throughout the world.
:arrow: They say if somebody sneezes when some new event is starting or while going out… Its unlucky and the event should be postponed :roll: But if the person is suffering from common cold or flu…. What happens? :? Moreover, in country like India, where we breathe dust rather than air… if we don’t sneeze, then its a bad omen according to me as the dust will get deposited in your lungs and it is a sign that you have to get ready for medical bills ;) :lol:
:arrow: The question ‘Where are you going?’ is sure to bring some dirty looks at you. It is considered that when this question is asked while leaving, the job for which the person is leaving is not going to succeed. But my question is why do people throw dirty looks at me when I ask where are you going, though its just restroom for which they are leaving? :roll: No comments :P
:arrow: If you cough or get hiccups, it is believed that somebody is thinking about you. Whenever I cough, due to food getting into wind pipe… My friends will be busy teasing or winking at me rather than giving water :roll: But, if this is the case, celebrities like Obama, Sachin, Messi etc. should always keep coughing as someone or the other will keep thinking about them around the world. Poor them ! :roll:
:arrow: I heard that itching of palm will get money. From that day onwards I started itching my palm especially when my mom and dad where seeing. My plan was, showing this as a reason and getting money from them. But result: My mom got me a new medicated soap and also warned if the itch continues she’ll have to take me to a dermatologist… Plan flop :roll:
:arrow: The cat crossing  is considered inauspicious and leads to cancellation of events… Then my attendance to my company should be 0%.. :lol: There are so many cats near my house, if they don’t cross me, then its an unusual thing.
According to me, these superstitions must have started during the time when our ancestors were very dependent on nature. These beliefs mostly revolved around animals and nature. When a person falls sick, they didn’t have the facility or knowledge for the improved medication. The illness and death was beyond our knowledge , but still had to reason it out  somehow …. This resulted in blaming, the day, time, events that occurred before the person succumbed to illness… We always blame others for our doings, thus the animals and nature that could hardly complain if we blame became our targets. Those days, starting for a journey is considered to be an important event and special poojas and auspicious time and date was charted out for the travel. The vehicles available was only a bullock cart (which was for the rich), others travelled by walk. In order to overcome the hardships that one might face, these superstitions came into practice. Many superstitions have brought dreadful results leading to even death.This continued and is continuing even today.
With the advancement in technology and steady growth of literacy rates, we expected that these  beliefs will finally change. But no, the irony is, we modified the beliefs according to the modern days and the superstition continued. In west, which boasts of being so developed, still exists buildings without 13th floor. After 12, its 14, confusing all the mathematicians about the missing 13. In cricketing world, it is predominant, we have heard about cricketers wanting a particular numbered jersey or a particular bat for a match.
Beliefs, from its word, is some thing we belief. So unless and until our beliefs doesn’t affect or hurt others, its fine . But the moment, it interferes with others freedom or beliefs… its warning bells! Its high time we sit back and figure out a way out of this .
Oops! Its been 13  minutes since I started writing the post and would be posting it now … HACHHOOO … Sneeze too… Wonder how the post is going to turn out :oops: ;) :lol:

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