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I walk alone… I walk alone

I walk a lonely roadThe only one that I have ever knownDon’t know where it goesBut it’s home to me and I walk aloneI walk this empty streetOn the Boulevard of Broken DreamsWhen the city sleepsAnd I’m the only one and I walk aloneThese were the lines from Green day (one of my favourite number  )… Continue reading I walk alone… I walk alone

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‘Brand’-ucts- Our Desi Way

I had gone to my cousin’s place and when it was time for some evening snack, my aunt promptly came to us and asked “Do you like to have Maggi ?” We still had that usual ‘Indian Kid’ feel in us that makes us get excited at the mention of Maggi  So when finally we were called to eat… Continue reading ‘Brand’-ucts- Our Desi Way

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How tough it is to be a Politician

Well, this post is all about “self damage” I would say  It involves various funny incidents and bloopers that happened on friday.Background: “Color Paper Contest” was announced by the Inst People Focus group about a month back and the best part was… it had no rules. It was told that we can write anything that comes to our… Continue reading How tough it is to be a Politician

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Air…Water…Food…Shelter…Mobile phone?

Flash news: Scientists are planning to update the necessities of life list(air, water, food and shelter)... The new member that's going to be added is Mobile phones 😆 ;)Yes, mobile phone has become a very essential part of our lives these days... Even the people who lack two basic necessities like food and shelter, have mobile… Continue reading Air…Water…Food…Shelter…Mobile phone?