55F is 55-Fiction which is nothing but a story in 55 words which mostly has a twist in the end. Here are a couple of 55Fs with which I started this writing challenge and another with which I’m now ending the challenge.


White was followed by red. Green, orange and yellow joined the party soon. Then,the artist drizzled green to mark the end of the masterpiece. It was time for the much awaited reveal. All of us were impatiently looking for the announcement…the waiting was killing us. Finally, the moment was here…Mom called out ,‘Briyani,ready’.


Colour drained from his face, words were at loss. Remorse filled him but there was nothing that could be done.His chest became heavy and he started sweating profusely. How could I be so careless? He kept staring at the dreadful message on screen ‘Dude..Stop..YOU ARE NOT ON MUTE.. stop cursing the manager”

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