(Comfort) Food lover

I refrain calling myself a ‘foodie’ as once I did in front of my friend who started listing down the ground rules of being a foodie. I declared retired-hurt in the first point itself (1st point -click before you eat). The 2nd point is eat all kinds of food (I stopped listening to the rest).I would say ‘foodies’ can be categorized as Anirudh BGM- dhoom dhamaka types. My tryst with food is akin to a bgm by illayaraja, subtle but it’s so impactful that you cannot overlook. So I came up with a brand new group-name ‘comdie’ (no,notspelling mistake of comedy..short form of comfort foodie) . 

Foodies are people who travel to try new food joints but Comdies are people who miss a bowl of rasam rice and potato fry when they are away from home. When I travel for more than a couple of days, I try many different vegan options etc but still crave for my rasam saadham and crispy potato fry . The moment I reach home I make a nice cup of filter coffee and get started with my rasam. When a spoon of rasam rice topped with some potato fry on top reaches my tummy, Aishu happy annachi. 

Comdies are easy on pockets. They are low-budget padmanabans. You don’t need expensive Michelin star restaurant appointments to impress them, all you need is creamy homemade yogurt aka curd aka thachhi with a few pieces of mango pickle (maavudu) drizzled on top for lunch on a hot sunny day. This would get you a 100/100 with 5stars and v.v.good against your name. If there is a choice between pizza and uthappam and you choose uthappam in a blink of an eye, welcome to the group. It’s not that I don’t like pizza but just that I like dosa and uthappam better. Nothing can beat the feeling of dipping the first piece of dosa first in coconut chutney and then second-dipping in Sambar and ensuring the piece reaches your mouth safely before sambar drips down is the definition of satisfaction.

When I was in school, if my mom packed poori+potato for lunch, that would be my happiest day. I will actually be counting down for the lunch bell to ring. Well, the fact that I may not even get 1 poori after I open my lunchbox is a topic for another day. But the happiness and expectations of waiting to open a lunchbox with poori cannot be compared to anything else.

Last but not least, it is difficult for a comdie to click pic of the food before eating mainly because when our comfort food is in front of us we forget everything else around us. We will be in a state of trance until we finish the bowl of heaven in front of us. So are you a foodie or a comdie? 😉

6 thoughts on “(Comfort) Food lover”

  1. Ha ha super aish.Rasam rice and potato combination is wow and i actually can imagine the way you wrote about dosa dipping in sambar and eating it before the sambar drops ( top of the world) .This is the power of your writing 👌Way to go Aish. Keep rocking

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