An Ode to Pondy Bazaar- Madras Day

Amidst the buzzling crowd, on a typical sunny day,
Rumbling and panting, 12B made its way.
At a lightening speed, before my legs could obey,
‘Pondy Pondy Pondy…10 Rubeees’ came the final say.

In the place of five, sat ten;
Making more room to fit in eleven;
‘Anna..stop’ and ‘Edam irukka?’ echoed throughout,
Of course! Share auto it is without a doubt.

Dancing to the tunes of honking,
Shopping bags glistened in the hands swaying,
Feet synchronized in and out of store,
Trying out the options galore.

Silk Georgette Cotton Saree,
To suit the tastes that vary,
Earrings and necklace are ready to match,
Cheap rubies pearls and stones are great catch.

Adorned with orange crowns came the King Mango,
Queen Cucumber sat with our little pineapple fellow ,
Thirst-quencher squad-leaders sweet-lime and sugarcane,
Lined up to shoot the scorching heat down the drain.

Definitely, there is everything for everyone;
Our Pondy Bazaar shopping has shown,
In namma ooru Chennai town,
You can never ever be alone!

7 thoughts on “An Ode to Pondy Bazaar- Madras Day”

  1. I enjoyed this poem very much.Your words draw a picture in my mind and takes me back to Pondy Bazaar. Continue writing.Best wishes.
    God’s Blessings be upon thee.

    Liked by 1 person

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