Going gaga over yoga

Namma Ramdev Baba vandhrukaha
Namma PM Modi-ji vandhrukaha
Mattrum namma oora la irukka yoga teachers ellarum vandhrukaha…Vaama Minnal

Dho- Vandhuttten!!!!!

I was talking to my dad this morning and he was telling me that there is entertainment galore today as it is International Yoga Day. So I decided, I should also provide my share of entertainment…I mean yoga tips as part of this special day’s quota to mark my presence in history(Varalaru mukkiyam amaichare).

Are you the one who tries to use the steps but give up after 3 days?
Are you the one who buys new jogger pants, sneakers, keeps alarm to wake up at 6 am but start snoozing after day 2?
Are you the one who likes and saves all fitness posts in social media to try it one fine day?

Then this is for you! Don’t miss this post! Cha, I should’ve been an MLM agent…Anyway, coming back to yoga, if you are still expecting that I’m going to teach you to stand upside down, I like your confidence/ilichavainess…you are selected to read this post.

This is not 5 days-il yoga teacher aavadhu epadi episode, this post is more for how/why to not quit yoga after 5 days. Like every other person on this A.C (After Covid?) planet, I had also tried new hobbies for fun in the D.C. (During Covid) lockdown 1.0 time and one among that was yoga.When I first started I thought yoga is jujubi…sappa matter salt water for me as I had done few sessions as kid and had pretty good flexibility. But very soon, I realized my body was also like me now, stubborn and adamant. When I asked it to be straight, it would bend down, when I had to bend down, it would stay rigid straight. So one day, when I was sitting under a hypothetical Bodhi Tree and wondering, ‘Why yoga? How Yoga? that’s when an awakening happened and here I am to share my path of enlightenment with you all.

Before the ‘Why Yoga? How Yoga?’ contemplation, I was cleaning the house and had left the mob-stick to lean on the wall. The duster with long handle was on the other side of the wall. When I was long lost in my thoughts, the gravity was still wide awake and did it’s job. My reflex quickly took charge and I immediately stopped both from falling, thereby saving the old aunty’s nap downstairs. Right hand went to save the mob-stick and left hand was taking care of the duster. That was my Ada! moment. It was nothing but Veerabadrasana (Warrior 2) pose.

This pose is very useful especially while cleaning, let’s say you are rearranging your room and will have to multi-task with many items at a time.

That’s when I realized, if not for weight loss or anything else, yoga poses will be useful in our day to day tasks. Let me walk you through some of them with some live scenarios of how and where to use.

Next we are going to see the use of famous downward dog pose or Adho Mukha Śvānāsana. Let’s say you are changing your earrings and in spite of all the safety measures, the tiniest screw of your earring slips and just merges as part of the floor. That’s when this pose is going to come handy. With this pose you will have a 270 degree view. Firstly, you’ll cover between your legs and that will be under the sofa area, (Pro tip: The more you straighten your back, the better your visibility under sofa will be).Next you can do the revolved variations to cover left and right. Poses of pics below for reference.

When you are searching for that earring, the helpful other person in the house shouts – ‘I found it’. You can just lift up just your head and look up to accept/dismiss their claim and continue or leave your search. So this pose, cobra pose/Bhujangasana will give you that hold.

Aishuuu- Idhan andha earringaah???

The first thing we do when our back itches- Search for a comb or stick to itch it. The age-old problem of hands not reaching the back can be resolved with this below pose (Cow Face/Gomukhāsana). After this, your back will thank you as you can start applying soap , moisturizer just like you do for other parts. No vacant parking spot anymore 😀

Aaaah! No more combs…Itch easy pose 😛

The next is the Happy Baby aka Ānanda Bālāsana also the famous Vadivelu pose… After finishing all your work, you need some Usss habbba… Apdi slight ah paduthu relax pannalam time. That’s when you will use this. The Mallaakka-paduthu-vittatha-paakara pose. While doing this pose, check your surroundings for your own safety. We all know how that famous scene turned out to be 😛

Enna oru aanandham 😀

As I have mentioned, above pose may have bad side-effects if you are not doing the right safety measures like latching the door. So to avoid the pin-vialvugal/side-effects , I recommend the modified Vrikshasana/Tree pose. When we lie down and bring the right foot to thigh, we create a barricade thereby avoiding all ulnaatu sadhis (If only Vadivelu had read my post). Anyway so the below pose is my preferred pose for sleeping always. Lie down, lift your hands up, create a barricade using your left leg. One stone, many mangoes 😀 I have found by experience that this is the best sleeping pose ever. Period!

Best Sleeping Pose, ever!

I have just covered few poses as a sample, I’m sure you will find plenty other uses in daily life. Now you can agree when these Babajis say Yoga is in our daily life, we are all Yogis 😉

Happy International Yoga Day !

11 thoughts on “Going gaga over yoga”

  1. Excellent Aishu. Very useful tips. I am sure you are thorough in yoga poster. The way you narrated brought smiles. You are such a talented writer. I enjoy your writings. So humorous and yet informative. Keep writing such blogs. Eagerly awaiting

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha this is was really hilarious aish. Loved and enjoyed your blog . Awesome one after covid and during covid and Jujubi sappa matter and salt water 😂😂 Asusual your blog was very hilarious and at the same time informative 👍Keep rocking Aish

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your writing is as usual hilarious.During this lockdown period we all practice some Asanas like
    Sofaasana(lying in sofa and watching TV),Munchasana (munching always),Netasana(surfing net) and lastly after reading your blog i did mouth yoga i.e.
    S M I L I N G 😀
    Continue writing….with best wishes


  4. Your writing is as usual hilarious.During this lockdown period we all practice some common asanas like Sofasana ( lying in sofa and watching TV)
    Munchasana (munching something ) and Netasana (surfing net) and lastly after reading yours I did Mouth yoga .
    I.e. S M I L I N G 😀
    Continue writing more and more .with best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

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