From Dalgona to Tikilona

Remember the epic scene from Panchathantiram where Ramesh Aravind from one end says ‘Sardaji body’ and Yugi Sethu interprets it as ‘Bardhaji Sadi’. Kamal adds, ‘Edho vada naatu saari ah irukkum da’. Similarly,
Govt: ‘Corona’
Our people: ‘Karo-na‘. *starts cooking, baking, singing, kalakking, etc etc*

It all started with Dalgona coffee challenge. Looks like some guy was kadalai-potufying on phone and without adding milk started kalakkifying the coffee powder and sugar so long that it formed a creamy texture. Ada! It’s a caffeine miracle! #DalgonaChallenge started trending. I was tagged by a friend for the same. I belong to the category of Filter Coffee-cist who cannot accept any other coffee. So why to waste time for something that I will not have, I passed on the challenge to none other than my mother. I called her and here is the conversation,
Me: “Congratulations! You have been selected for the Dalgona challenge.”
Mom: “Firstu..Dhal ozhunga vega vei” (Cook dhal properly first – My mom’s counter)
Me: ” *facepalm* You are supposed to make this unique coffee. Everyone is doing this. Do you want to be left out? Don’t you want to prove to the world that you are the coffee expert? Do you have it in you to take up the challenge?” *feels like a game show host*
Mom: “Seri..sollu. What to do?”
Me: “Take some coffee powder, sugar, 2 spoons of water- Do kalak kalak kalak kalak kalak… Play kalakkuven Kalakkuven kattom katti kalakkuven Simbu’s song for motivation. Once you see the creamy frothy substance, stop the song. Cut Aavin paal packet pour it in and gulp it down. Most importantly, take a video of all this as a proof is important. Congratulations, you are now an official Dalgona contestant”
Mom: “After I do, whom should I send it to”
Me: *ussss habbba* “You first do, then we can send”
And yes, my mom completed the Dalgona coffee challenge. She delegated the tough kalakkifying job and of-course the tasting of the finished product to my dad *shrugs* 😈

The next best thing that happened in lockdown is everyone became master-chefs and bakers. Every day I woke up to WhatsApp with people sharing “My today’s attempt” and uploading pictures of dishes that I have never even heard of. Everyone was in a cooking-spree for a while. It was the time when New York was hitting its peak and we (mister and I) were practicing calculative grocery utilization. I was wondering, how are people getting groceries for all these. I even texted my friend as a reply to her food pic, ‘Do you have enough groceries stocked up?’ She was like, ‘No, I will run out of Indian groceries soon. But what to do, my kids asked for it.’ *Laalala Laaalala*. Everyone got so very engrossed in doing complicated dishes that no one paid heed to the day-to-day cooking. So chefs like Venkatesh Bhatt switched their strategy. They started making videos on ‘How to make a good filter coffee? How to make tomato chutney? How to make masala tea?’ I hear the same set of people saying,’ Oh wow! I never knew this’ and posting chutney, coffee, tea, Maggi, hot water on social media with #VenkateshBhatt 😎

Transition videos gained a lot of popularity during this lockdown period. Let me explain what a transition video is first. So one person would do one activity and would throw one object (at the cameraman and break his nose), the next person would appear to catch the object (cameraman should throw naasukka without showing hand) and would do the activity. This would go on for as many people as you can brainwash and convince to join. Makeup brush, toilet paper roll, dusting cloth, laundry bag are few that I saw, I’m sure there is a lot more in the Saravana stores of social media, Instagram. Makeup brush was the one in which makeup artist applied make-up, threw the brush. The next caught the brush and continued it. Toilet paper- No No No No.. Not the activity you think. Dirty fellows πŸ˜€ They do some exercise like pushups/squats/asanas and throw the toilet paper roll to the next person. I saw many with different themes but the same toilet paper roll. If you ask why toilet paper-roll? That, how do I know doctor? *Crazy Mohan modulation* Thankfully, this didn’t come up when I was in Chennai, if not, my mom would have volunteered ‘I would be the cameraman who would throw things at you- Broomstick, take and sweep the floor; Vimbar- wash vessels; Roti Rolling Pin (Belan)- cook food’. πŸ˜₯

How many of you sang ‘Gnabagam Varudhe Gnabagam Varudhe‘ and rode the cycle down the memory lane with your school/college/office friends? This lockdown had such group video calls trending. Everyone took some time to catch up with people who have moved away. At some point, my personal calendar during weekends had back-to-back meetings or times when I have denied the invite or dropped off saying, ‘Sorry I have another meeting’. Yes, meeting lingo continued from weekdays to weekends. These video calls are funny, half of the time would go in ‘Hello, Hello Hello… Can you hear us? You have muted yourself, turn on the camera *repeated every time someone new joined*. By the time the initial customary is done, it would be 30 min past and remaining minutes would go in deciding what to do next. Video calls always come with those awkward-silences where no one would have any idea what to do next and give an anxious-clueless-NotMeMiss-look. Then there would be a Vijay TV VJ in the group who would try to start some conversation before the second awkward silence pause. In order to avoid this, people started coming with games (Yes, Fun Friday impact) to keep everyone involved. Dumb charades, quizzes, anthaksharis (if you dare) are few tried and tested ones. In this, the biggest problem would be to find out whose turn it is. The video order would keep changing and there would be some or the other Rules Ramanujam would say hey this is cheating, as per rules this dumb charade pass should have come to me. Ella Kotayam azhi, marubidiyum modhalendhu. πŸ˜€

But one thing is clear, come what may, we know to keep ourselves entertained. So what did yours truly do during this lockdown?

Oops! I’m getting late for my suryananamaskar challenge on World Yoga day πŸ˜‰

Well well well, how would I miss out being a part of important activities of the historical year, 2020. Varalaru mukkiyam amaichare πŸ˜‰

Guilty, as accused!

11 thoughts on “From Dalgona to Tikilona”

  1. Hahaha.. As usual apt.. I am your rat to test.. Hahaha.. Very apt.. Yes.. Excellent way of writing.. Enjoyed.. Continue….


  2. Super Aishu. Let me try the coffee. As usual kalakal. Enjoyed each and every line. Awesome writting. Keep writing and rockπŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰kalakal writing


  3. Lol.. Where is the pic of Mom’s Dalgona Coffee? πŸ˜‰ So true Aishu.. So many challenges became trending in this lockdown phase and I’m guilty for not taking part in at least one.
    But this cooking thing is something that I also got involved in. Don’t ask about the ‘Sothapals’ but that also counts right πŸ˜‰


    1. Lol πŸ˜‚ I thought I shd upload but on second thoughts I realized veetukku pona soru mukkiyam 😜 haha.. I would like to hear the sodhapal stories πŸ˜€


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