I have an affinity to the word “Ityadi” from days of my life with Sanskrit class and Padmaja ma’am. I don’t know what caught my attention first. May be the look of the word I guess (Padmaja ma’am had good handwriting) .Ah! It’s a long story… Flashback- Mosquito coil- Camera focuses on this curly hair girl… let’s begin in 6c.. Wait a minute- Why should there be a flashback/story for everything I tell? πŸ™„ I hear you…To fill up the post. Cha.. Such an additional sheet behaviour! No flashback, I just want to show off that I’m dusting the part of my brain that has Sanskrit πŸ˜€ *Ramaha Ramou Raamaha *

As I was talking about the additional sheet behaviour, I just realised we are born storytellers. Yes, it’s there in my blood. My cousin met with an accident. My family is like this All India Radio, well now Radio Mirchi as no one listens to the former… Everyone gets to know everything in a jiffy. So here are the numerous versions of the incident

Version 1- So he was going on the bike at midnight after work. All of a sudden, a police jeep came in the wrong way and he collided directly. He was thrown from the bike. He couldn’t move his leg. It was swollen and bad. The policeman got down and threatened him. The guy was also drunk. He didn’t want to press charges as he knew the consequences and left there.

Version 2- He was riding in his bike all alone on a dark road. Suddenly a vehicle came in the front with high-intensity headlights. He lost balance and fell down. When he was trying to get up he saw a policeman. He got scared and froze, he didn’t reply anything and just left the place with bruises and swollen leg.

Version 3- It was raining heavily that night. A police jeep came from nowhere and hit him. He fell down and got hurt badly. Police got down to check and he started questioning the police guy. He has quoted that they are in the wrong way and he is going to complain against them. The policeman has challenged him and then both left the place.

After picking my favourite version I checked with my cousin

Original– I lost balance and tripped. The policeman checked on me. Leg is sprained. End of story!

The original was boring so I picked my favourite versions from the ones I heard and decided to stick to it πŸ˜› I’m sure you agree to it as well.

In other stories,

Version 1: The evening was very windy. It was like the scene from Muthu with Vidukadhaiya indha vaazhkai vidai peruvaar yaaro (v.v.v.emotional song) playing in background and people from Charlotte’s ettupatti gramam (8-dog(?)-villages) had gathered. Uber drivers made up the frontline with the lead asking – “How will we run the business now. We all are going to become unemployed” bursts out crying in the towel that was reserved for this scene. I patted his hand and looked up symbolizing He will take care. I slowly walked and crowd parted way for me up to the airport. The security officer in the airport saw my ID with tears flowing down – “I never thought this day would arrive in my service”. I made the officials do the check though they refused that vehemently. As my flight took off I saw entire Charlotte looking up and waving with tears.

This has become a very emotional post, I will talk about my reception at New Jersey in the next post.

Version 2: I moved from Charlotte to New Jersey.

Whether it is version 1 or version 2 that you choose to believe, bottomline is hereafter it is Kearny managarachi unnai anbudan varaverkiradhu. Will be back with more stories and snippets from my move soon. Nandri! Vanakkam!

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