Weekly Prompts – Impression

“Wear that white shirt and go. Don’t go wearing one of your torn t-shirts. You are meeting her for the first time. The first impression is always the best impression. ”
“Dad… Enough of your lecture. “ Karthik was going to meet Shreya for the first time at a Cafe today evening. It’s going to be their first meet, of course, arranged by their parents.

After changing to the 5th shirt (he has only 4…repeated the first one) and after styling his hair for the nth time, he took his bike keys. He saw her picture again in Whatsapp and a hidden smile crept on his lips. Though he kept insisting to his parents that he is neutral about this, deep down he wanted to impress her.

He ensured he was pretty early (unusual of him) and waited at a table for Shreya to arrive. He was nervously looking at the watch every minute and sipping water. And there she was… He imagined a heroine entry kind of scene. However, this had no violins bgm or slow-motion walk. She just removed her dupatta tied around the face and walked in waving him a hi. Her calmness made him more nervous and I spilt some water down as he uncomfortably stood up to pull out her chair.

Shreya – Hi Karthik! It was easy to spot you as we are the only ones here *giggles*
Karthik – Hahaha… Good for us.
That was too much too soon. Was it flirty? Damn! She is not a bit nervous. Cool as a cucumber. I’m like the Chennai weather.
Shreya – *raises an eyebrow* Ya right! So Karthik, I heard you are a front end developer…I’m sorry I’m not a techie person. I just term everyone as an IT professional. So what’s your story? Wanted to be a movie director or photographer but ended up here?
Karthik – Will you judge me if I say I wanted to be a developer right from my schooling? In fact, coding is my passion. I do that as a hobby too. Hey, I’m not a geek. So you are the creative one unlike me. Your title is pretty fancy Shreya Venkat, Creative Content Head of MAD Agency
She is judging me. I know. Is she a little sarcastic? Anyway, I replied with a tinge of sarcasm. Muhahaha

Shreya- Hey… That’s Muggles’ Advertising Agency. We provide creative content for all famous brands. And yeah my friends and I started this, of course, we are Potterheads. Do you read? Harry Potter fan?
Karthik – Will she take this knife and stab me if I say I was a part of the anti-Potterhead gang in school? I’ve made my sister cry about the soda-buddi glasses guy.
Well, not really! But I’ve watched a few movies. I’m more into sports and outdoor activities. Never the kind to sit indoors and read. Soccer, basketball, cricket, swimming, tennis, badminton… You name it.

Shreya – Whoa! I just watch scores when India plays. I’m not a big fan but I’m not against it as well. I’ve never been with friends who are into it. So….
Karthik – Phew! That’s a good sign… She doesn’t dismiss my likes. I promise to respect the soda buddi kannadi guy going forward.
So… I saw from your Facebook page that you blog and also a theatre artist. Wow! How do you get time to do so many kinds of stuff.
Shreya – Facebook page… Ahem… Stop making it sound like you are interviewing me. I just do thinks I like. I make time for it.
Karthik – oh isn’t this an interview? I had prepared my questions and bit chits.. *laughs*
Shreya laughs and beats him on his hand playfully.

Karthik- Omg! Did she just pat me? does this mean a yes? Should I start probing more?Karthik… Stop being desperate. Anyway Shreya! Is there anything you want to ask me or tell me in particular? I’m bad at long conversations.

Shreya – So do you have onsite dreams like all other IT people? If yes, let’s call it a closure and bid a farewell immediately. I want to stay here and can’t think of moving out.
Karthik – *dream shattered *I’m sure my manager must have influenced her.
I’ve never given it a thought. I’m more like take out as it comes. We can’t figure out what is going to happen next min why to bother about the next few years.
That was a nice dodge.
Shreya – oooooooooh… Somebody is getting all philosophical. True! I agree. Just wanted to emphasize. So do you cook?
Karthik – Yes I do. I actually love cooking as I use it as a stress buster. I love baking especially. Brownies are my specialities. Will bake some for you next time… If there are a next time *winks*
I think she likes me. A second meeting is a definite yes from me. I hope she says yes.

Shreya – At least for the sake of your brownies… Yes, we’ll meet again. I see that your fav ManU team is having a match tonight. All the best!

Karthik – what!!! Has she started to follow soccer already? ManU… How did she know about my favourite? Does she like me? Is it a yes already?
Why am I blushing like an idiot? Okay, she is the one for me.

Shreya leaves waving a bye and signalling him to call.

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