Weekly Prompts – Support

It was a love at first sight (though you preferred to term it as an arranged marriage)… I knew it was going to be you, the moment you walked in shrugging your shoulders (I smile everytime you do it). You were vibrant and bright, making me feel alive. I thought we had a deal, a pact, an unsaid promise… Forever!

And then suddenly one fine day, everything changed. Everyone had a say about but you preferred to stay mum. I was stunned beyond belief. I was hurt and disappointed by the smirks and ridicule . Society questioned my choice. I was asked to move on. They said distract yourself, find someone else.. It’s over. I couldn’t. Deep down,I believed you. At that time, I realised it’s going to be you or none. I preferred to wait painfully clinging on to your memories.

Sometime around this day, last year… The wait was finally over… Thirumbi vandhuten nu Sollu was heard everywhere…You were back… Ready to pick up from where you had left. Emotions were running high.. The first comeback match was ready to commence at Wankhede stadium against the arch rivals . Nevertheless, the support remained unchanged.

Dear CSK, You are more than just a franchise.

– A proud CSK supporter, now and forever.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts – Support”

  1. Nicely written, when began reading, thought it was abt ur honeymoon 😀..
    Yet truly its a #SecondCSKHoneyMoon😀 .. #Yellove

    #மஞ்சலிலேஒருநூலெடுத்து moment 😀


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