From a long distance lover

“Vaa Vaa Vanthu Autola Aeri Paathiya
Annan Sollum Ooroda Varalara Ketiya?
Mylapore Filter Coffee Vaasam Thookutha
Mount Road Traffic’oda Isaithaan Kekuthaa
Machaan Chancey Illa Illa Chancey Illa
Namma Chennai Pola Vera Oore Illa”

This is my suprabaadham every morning..I listen to this song relentlessly every single day in order to start my mornings with a smile. Trust me, I wake up dreaming about walking on the busy roads of Pondy Bazaar carrying umpteen bags or at times waiting for my beach special corn to be ready. When someone asks me whether I am homesick, I look at them, ponder for a while and say…. ‘I think I am citysick. I miss my city’.

Every single moment, something or the other reminds me of my ooru. Will you believe me if I say when I went to Brooklin bridge I was reminded of our Napiers bridge? I know you are calling me crazy but yes, that’s the fact. No beaches can substitute my Marina…What is a beach without manga, sundal, makka cholam or son papdi? A beach is a beach only when there is a line standing for balloon shooting, a sundal-seller- teen shouting ‘ pattaaani sundaaaaaaaal’ , a paati believing to be a soothsayer asks ‘kai josiyam paakatuma en raasaathi ku‘ or a football rolling towards you with a boy screaming behind ‘Akka…Andha ball ah pass pannunga‘… This is beach!

Shopping to me is always the impromptu Pondy Bazzar shop-hopping under the scorching sun and then stopping at a roadside juice stall for a Mosambi (Sweet lime- which by the way is unavailable here) juice wherein the anna says ‘Konjam kudichitu glass kaatu ma…Extra juice irukku’ and fills it to the brim again. Ahhhh! Bliss!

Another thing I miss the most is curd rice fondly called as thachhi mammu with ripe mango on a sunny afternoon after which you will mallakka paduthufy ( this position helps you to attain the highest level of inner peace) have your legs on top of the bed/couch/table/Any object that satisfies the dimensions of perfect height at a close proximity and look at the fan’s RPM (Rotation per minute) and get all scientific thoughts like ‘How did they decide about idli and dosa being round and not square or rectangle?’Β  In the middle of such thought-provoking questions of life, we will slowly attain Nidra (Dude, I’m not talking about the girl next door…This is a kind of deep meditation) with the fan singing its lullaby to you. Isn’t it understood without saying that, there will be fresh-filter-kaapi when I wake up?

So there was this Rajini movie that got released recently. I was super excited (Anything that reminds/takes me to Chennai for few min excites me) and was ready to watch it immediately. I got ready wearing a black tshirt, all set to meet fellow makkal who would send me to Chn for few hours with the traditional hooting/whistling. But to my shock, it was only me and my friend (whom I forced) hooted during the introduction. Apparently, a guy in the back row also screamed who later got scolded by his wife for doing so. Blasphemy! Had it been me, I would have scolded him for not shouting loudly πŸ˜› The main reason I go to Rajini movie is for the feel of it. The celebrations, the whistles, the comments…that’s how you watch a movie! Yes, orderly 3 claps may suit a Christopher Nolan movie, definitely not for a Pa Ranjith’s movie. Many argued with me saying ‘Oh! I think it was just that show/ place/date/time/seconds… Usually, it is the same as in Chennai’. All I could do was give a one-eyebrow-raise-stare.

(I can keep going on but my stomach is rumbling reminding me to cook…So we are now fast approaching the conclusion speech πŸ˜› )The feel of calling every auto driver/shopkeeper/bus driver/conductor/cable-guy/iron-man (Yes, we have an iron man :P) ‘Annna’ can never be replaced by ‘Hey *Fill-in the name*’ Moral of the story is that I’m akin to this lover who is miles away from his true love but thinks about her every minute …Everything he sees reminds him of her and no other beautiful girl can lure him out of that πŸ˜› Ada Ada Ada *pat-my-back*

Extra effect (Bonus Adi thallubadi offer for the post) Fade off BGM Illayaraja singing – “Sorgame endralum adhu namoora pola varuma…En naadu endralum adhu nam natukku eedaguma”

Happy Madras Day ! Nandri! Vanakkam! Meendum varuga!

*’Chennai Managaratchi Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkiradhu’*Why did I say this? I have no idea…ROFL πŸ˜† I just got reminded of that line suddenly πŸ˜†Β  Let me stop my hunger-blabber here before I get into gibberish. Bye…For real!

12 thoughts on “From a long distance lover”

  1. Its been a while reading your blogs!
    Need to catch up with the words that you use :p Btw well written and you have our forgotten evening bus anna πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL πŸ˜€ How can I? πŸ˜† He would promptly notify us ‘Bus innum 5 min la eduka poren ma.’ when we both would be busily talking outside. I think I should write a separate post about our Siruseri Atrocities πŸ˜€ Thanks dude!


  2. Wow lovely blog aish 😍😍 I can really feel your emotions and I know how bad u miss our chennai 😞 your blog shows how badly you are in love with the city 😊Come soon and we can do together all that you have mentioned ena vitutu nee edhuvum pana kudadhu 😎Miss you aishπŸ˜“Come soon

    Liked by 1 person

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