Do you remember your first mobile phone? *mosquito coil in reverse direction as you look up at the ceiling to go into flashback* I was in 11th class I guess when first mobile phone was bought. I don’t remember who seeded this idea of a mobile phone (should be me) but one fine day it was decided today will be the day. My entire family went to that small shop 3 streets across my house. It was the most high-tech shop as that Anna had all gadgets (headphones, Bluetooth, chargers) that amazed me. I’ve passed that shop many a time and looked at the people (1 or 2) inside with mind-voice ‘cha! Pisthu people’ The moment I stepped into the shop, there were 10000 violins playing in BGM. I was awestruck at the sight of Nokia 1100s placed in a row.  He showed us few models (different Nokia models) and discussed its specs (making calls, messaging) while I looked at him with an open-mouth expression still unable to believe the grandeur of the shop and intelligence of that cell-kadai-anna. We were all set to buy Nokia 1100 when the 2nd anna entered like the police in our desi films, at the climax of the picture and said “Stop!”. He brought 1100’s NRI cousin 1600 and said this is a new launch. On switching on, two hands appeared in colour with ‘Tada dantan taan‘ …Wow! It was love at first sight! I carried home the silver one proudly denying even a carry-bag (to scene potufy). That was a substitute to the landline in our house…literally! It stayed at home as it was common to all 😛 I played my snake game, mom made calls to grocery shop, cylinder guy, water guy(missed call) and dad…Well, he used to plug it to charge after we use 😛

I joined college (I passed 12.) and had to stay in a hostel where cellphones were not allowed. I had a puppy face and asked my dad ‘If I get homesick, how can I talk to u? How? How? How? *echo* So yeah, obviously I was taken to the same high-tech-mobile-anna-shop (Inside scoop- I tried the same with my mom and got a reply- ‘You can call from hostel’s Re 1 phone booth’ 🙄 Hence, I added extra effects and approached my dad) This time it was very special as I’m going to own it. We went to the same high-tech-cell-kadai anna who now had 4 employees, bigger shop and more models (apart from Nokia). My intention was to buy Nokia 1600 but I ended up getting home the Motorola flip top model 😛 I felt like a magician doing his act when I demonstrated the blue light blinking for messages, green for calls, orange for calls from unknown numbers, red for charging etc. I felt this phone is the best that could have happened and I’m going to have it for years to come.

Yes, it did! Just a small correction from plural (years) to singular (year). I exactly had it for 365 days and bought Nokia express music (validity: 365 days), then LG KP- my first camera phone for the next year I guess, followed by Sony Ericsson  walkman series mobile that had issues with its camera and was with me for 30 days until it had to be replaced (they had to replace with discount) by samsung corby with 5 coloured panels. By the time we got corby that cell-kadai-anna’s shop became like Spencer’s Plaza- the vazhndhu ketta jamindhar house. He had a gift section at the corner, recharge section, perfume section…oh! And a small area for selling mobiles at the corner 😛 There came up Univercell, poorvika, the mobile store and many other shops like City centre, EA, Phoenix mall that had to make this cell-kadai-anna’s shop turn into a Spencer’s plaza. So yes, Samsung Corby was my favourite as I used to match its panels with my clothes 😛 I still have Corby, hoping to give in a museum or become a billionaire by leaving it in an auction after few years (Shhh 😉 ).

And then came Android into my life…Google launched its own Moto G and I was the first few who pre-ordered it on Amazon (Tataa bye bye to all cell-kadai-annas). Moto g kept up its promise…grew old with me…now enjoying its retired life in US with me after 6 years (Yes, I still use it as I don’t feel like letting it go. I charge it, set alarms and check FB…Why? Cos it shouldn’t feel bad that I discarded it after it got old). Moto G’s onnu vitta Thambi, Nexus 6 became the new-macho-boy of the house. Yeah! I had the bumper case for it that made it look like a bouncer who was ready to hit you hard if you misbehave. I believed Nexus 6 was the best thing that happened!

Moral of the long story: I’ve got a new phone and had to show off… Pixel 2 xl *dance* This is the best phone ever!!! *Shrug*


7 thoughts on “Cellolution”

  1. Again wondered about the way you have explained your actions of buying new new cells.. Very nice way of writing.. Fantastic sketch of evolution of cell phones. Corby is still there in your shelf.. 👏 👌🎉


  2. Lol😉😋 where you started and where you arrived..cool phone eh😎
    Some times even I wonder how many local shops have closed due to the advent of these malls and we go all ‘gaga’ over brands..


  3. Nice way of putting your collections of cell phones. I thought there will be a good story to pixel 2 XL. But it ended up like a know climax movie. Little disappointed 🙄


    1. Yeah 😛 By the time I got to pixel, I became hungry and had to finish for dinner 😛 Will write a detailed update soon 😀 Thanks 🙂


  4. Super Aishu. Your way of narration added more and enjoyed the blog. But one thing Aishu even now we are preserving the Nokia 1100 model. The battery life of Nokia was good and we can charge it for once in two days. Now just few months before I bought coolpad and it is very nice.
    Keep writing.


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