[Shape Poetry]~ Stairs of our Life!

My cousin sent me this poem that I had written a couple of years for his short film. He wanted to convey that each person is different and has a different design in the walks of life. He was going to portray it with an analogy of different kinds of people climbing the stairs at their own speed- An old person, an athlete, a kid, physically challenged person etc. He just gave me an idea of the visuals and wanted a poem that can come as a voice-over in the background. And thus, this poem happened 😛 I tried making it a shape poetry to denote the same plus I have never tried shape poetry *cough cough*
Note: Read the poem with the thought that it was written 2 years back and based on what the script demanded 😛 *I hear the illana mattum chorus remark but I choose to ignore it*

Link to the tamil version of the same poem – https://prawhitepaper.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/வெற்றி-படிகள்-tamizh-peom/

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