These days I feel so embarrassed when someone introduces me as a blogger… Yeah! Though I smile and go, “Well, yeah!  I enjoy blogging.” The inner-me yells, “Liar! Liar! Your pants on fire! Use past tense, you liar!” So I thought of giving a glimpse of something/anything/nothing just to say “Tadaaa….I’m here” and then disappear again (by slipping the ring on my finger -show off) 😛 (Just Kidding)

The ring reminds me that I lost my ring. The ring that I have been wearing from my college is lost…poyindhi…it’s gone…poye pochu… Actually, I had an intuition (does that sound creepy?) while I was washing my coffee mug that I should probably consider removing my rings (I wear 4 of them) as they have become very loose. The next day when I returned home from work, it was gone! I went around searching, ‘My Precioussss…My preciousss’ but no, it was gone! I thought of even sticking a kaana villai notice and also suitable rewards (1 filter coffee+ 2 milkbikis) for anyone who finds my precioussss… But then dropped the idea since no one was ready to print the notice for free 😐

Hey, it’s not just me..everyone wants free items. With Thanksgiving just done, I realized people liked the free ‘mokkai’ products better than the ones they pay for. So there was this information that JC Penny (=Pothys) is giving out scratch cards for first 250 ppl that can have $10-$500 in it. Obviously almost all got $10 but still, the queue was almost equivalent to our Tirupathi queue. Doorbusters are even funnier to watch. Doorbusters are nothing but products that will be given at utmost cheap price when the shop opens (2pm- midnight). You’ll have ppl standing in the queue for hours like our nursery school admissions. Everyone will have a strategy, yes it is like a war… Dad will instruct his 2 sons to attack from the other 2 entrances and mom will be the spokesperson who will just then find namesake friends and will cut the line to join in the front. So with all this strategy in place, as soon as the doors open, a huge crowd will rush in and pick up things(literally). Each one will have big big dabbas on his shoulder and will be looking for the others…This can definitely be mistaken for some chit-fund company that cheated hundreds and is now ransacked by the public. I thought of taking a video but as soon as the door opened, someone knocked my elbow and there I went diving to save my nexus for the most stunning and safe catch of the year 2017

There is a show called “Konjam Nadinga boss” that cracks me up everytime to see how people deliver the dialogues. The moment I think about yours truly in that shoes…mouth-zipped! I’m terrible at delivering a prepared dialogue. I will start laughing the moment you say start. This is the reason I haven’t done even a single Dubsmash video till date. Also for always starring in plays in a role that has no dialogues… A scientist who is just mixing liquids or a deer that jumps around or a sick child who keeps lying in a comfortable bed throughout the play…These are few of my acting experiences. Ask me to speak extempore or host a show, I can do it without the slightest doubt. But delivering dialogues with expressions, never my cup of tea(coffee, in my case 😛 ). So now having known about my history, geography, physics, let us jump into the story. I was given the information that I’ll be featuring in client’s year-ending video that’ll showcase about my project. I could hear my alter-ego becoming vadivelu and ROFL-ing ,  ‘Adei Sonamuttha…Pochhaaa’. Well, I somehow managed to deliver it (I think good from the feedback I got). It felt very special to see yourself on a big screen. I was sitting beside a customer-facing person who looked at the screen, then looked at me and asked, ‘Is that you?Whoa!’ . I turned pink, for sure as I felt my cheeks burning cos of the attention that I was constantly getting…One-day star like one-day CM!

I got this new laptop and I got into testing new all features out of habit. I found bluetooth option was missing. I tried debugging by myself, then resorted to the usual-solution, clear everything, restart. When nothing worked, I pinged the customer care guy. It was my time 11.00 pm. So this guy, after the pleasantries, looked into it and calmly said ‘Sorry ma’am! Your laptop doesn’t have bluetooth feature. However you can buy one.’ I was shocked! How can it not have bluetooth. He woke the QA in me and there was no looking back. I got the specs from the brand’s site , marked the bluetooth 4.0 feature in red (Requirement document you see) , attached the complaint and now logged a defect again. Well, it was resolved, of course! It was my QA dawwww moment 😛

We had our first snow of the season yesterday…Winter is here! *deep hoarse voice*

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