It all started with a strict librarian like visa officer saying “congratulations! Your Visa is approved” and from then on it was fire on the mountain run run run. It was a crazy one week with running around to get things done. My entire house was upside down. Dude! Don’t talk like my mom. I was going to the other side of the world and such kind of drama is totally justified. So with free whatsapp calls and skype calls, all FAQs were answered. One asked me to steal aavakka oorga into the country stealthily and another said I would be deported if I attempt to carry even a 50 paise aachi pickle packet 😛 So lots of opinions and suggestions and at last I dumped whatever I can into the bag. Next was weight-lifting part. Yeah… My parents and I had a rigorous muscular strengthening activity. We had to lift and check the weight of the bag every now and the. “Ippo paaru” “26…25…24.5…. cha…1.5 kg more” Remove two more packets of ricemix and repeat the activity. 
After finding the perfect weird ribbon to tie, we were all set to leave to airport. On reaching airport I realised that entire crowd there would know that I’m all set for my first onsite trip. Point 1: My bag had labels. Point 2: My huge gang of relatives were there to send me off 😛 I found a girl from cognizant at airport who found out I’m a first timer (obviously :P) and we were to take the same flight till the last leg. She had only her dad at the airport and I had this huge crowd. After all the farewells, hugs and kisses (yes, we are not huggers but the sunshine of their lives…*clears throat* is leaving on a long term) This girl and I were at the gate together…she got me hot chocolate 😛 We became good friends…who can’t become friends with me #selfdabba…Ahem… We are still in touch 🙂 
I woke up wondering which station it was as I heard ‘kaapi kaapi tea tea…suda samosaee’ which when I rubbed my eyes became, ‘Would you like some tea or coffee ma’am?’. Yes! That was my ‘America managaratchi ungalai anbudan varaverkiradhu’ moment. My cousin had travelled from a neighbouring city to receive me at the airport, so couple of days was fun. I had a surprise ice cream cake ready to mark my arrival 😛 
I actually had started my share of bloopers (like always) after landing here and through the process. It was the first day after moving to my friend’s apartment. I returned home from work. I had got a KT about locking and unlocking the door that morning. Passed the reverse KT too. To my dismay, nothing was working at that time. I was trying the key in all possible directions.Just didn’t open! Only when I was turning the knob repeatedly, I realised I should be at 207 and this is 205. Darn! About turn and run! Phew… I thank my stars that no one called the cops suspecting a break-in at neighbour’s house. Uffff *monkeyclosedeyes*
There were a lot many bloopers. Everything evaporated from my head  when I sat down to write in a osi laptop(osi- something like freebie)…My roomie’s laptop which is now mine for the next 1 hour 😛
 Yaeee….It is still sunday here…Have a great week ahead! So for now it is Nandri Vanakkam from the US of A… I’ll note down the bloopers before I get the osi laptop next time.

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