[Theme- Humour]~ Loff Wogaay Pleej

While reading this post, there are few guidelines to be followed. After every para, pause and look at the title for the instruction (hope you have decoded the title) and do as the title says. Then proceed to the next para :P
A few days back we were returning home as usual in the same usual bus. Everything seemed usual until we heard ‘boooooom’. We slightly opened our eyes like Tom and noticed something smoggy. I thought it’s my dream and I’m going to have a dream song :P Blame the movies :P But smell seemed weird and somehow didn’t fit my dream song feel. So I again blinked my eyes and checked, there was smoke. Real smoke in the bus.
I turned back and asked my friend who was sitting unperturbed. His answer made me realize that my dream song analysis was much better. He said ‘I think they are bursting crackers outside. Leave’. I wasn’t convinced as it was getting too smoky and I couldn’t see first few seats. Soon people started getting up to evacuate. Asking about the driver? He was already standing down. My friend and I were in the last few seats, so we stood at the tail end of the queue to get down. Few guys behind were trying to open the emergency exit. Not cos it was an emergency… just cos we were bored and couldn’t just stand in the queue and get down. We wanted to add spice to scene :P Well, it didn’t open.
As I was nearing the engine, my friend whispered into my ear. What if, when you just step near, it explodes . I turned and gave him a stare that clearly conveyed my mind voice of did I ask you? *yen da yen…adhu en da enna paathu indha kelvi keta…Adhan ivlo peru irukangala* As I neared the engine, my heart went dhak-dhak… Smoke intensity and pressure increased suddenly like a volcano going to erupt any moment. I turned and looked at my friend who was happily whistling ‘Ayo pathikichu pathikichu…oh oh kanne’. Exactly when I stood next to the engine, people getting down stopped as the driver was checking something. I had to wait near the engine and heard few guys from behind say ‘Govinda Govindaaa…’ I again rechecked whether I was actually not dreaming . I confessed to my friend ‘Doesn’t it  feel like  Final Destinationl (tamil remake)…We all cheat death, escape out… then we find the pattern and finally it’s all over. Now ‘Ayyo patthikkichu’ became just free-flow-CO2. No sound :PIt was my tit for tat…Pazhikku pazhi..Ratthathukku rattham moment :P
Once we got down and stood out, driver was busy checking. We were also checking. Don’t ask what… I don’t know. He was looking down, so I also looked down. Then we went around the bus and finally asked , ‘Ennachu anna?’ (what happened?). He rubbed his chin… And looked harder at the bus… I was all set to hear the most complicated answer with Einsten’ theory combined with Newton’s law adding a pinch gauss law and prepared follow up questions in advance :P All he said was ‘Therila ma’ *Aaaa-aaa- kamal’s then pandi chimayile* That was the moment when I understood the emotion behind that word therila and the reason why kamal choked with emotion…the essence of the song… That one word was my trigger to enlightenment. Just then, a guy from a house nearby came out like we were going to have a flash mob now and he was going to do lungi dance. He looked at us and asked ‘Enna aachu?’ (English subtitle: What happened? ) With same emotionless tone, ‘Therila’ (English subtitle: Don’t know). I expected him to do a kamal but instead, he said ‘Oh okay okay’ Like he understood the problem, rubbed his belly and went in. After 15 min, same lungi dance guy came out of his house ‘Enna aachu? Innum seri agalaya?’ (English subtitle: What happened? Is it still not okay? ) We, little pissed, ‘Theriyadhu’. With same peppy tone and an additional burp to signify that he had his dinner, he replied, ‘Oh okay okay’ and went in, rubbing his belly.
Finally, another bus arrived. The driver looked at us and asked, ‘Ennachu?’ (subtitle: refer above) Usssss Habbbaaa …Like the ‘nadula konjam pakkatha kannum’ (people who don’t know this reference, can omit it. It is anyway not significant :P ),we narrated the entire story . Somehow he gave us lift with terms and conditions . As soon as I reached home, my mom asked the one-million-dollar-question, ‘Ennachu?’. *insert-whatever-bgm-you-want*

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