Taata Frittata

No no…You haven’t opened google translate. This is the same blogspace with the same wonderful (ahem ahem) blogger. Whenever there is a chance to pick up new words in new languages, I will grab the opportunity. I have the habit of scene potifying (definition as per madras dictionary: the act of showing off unnecessarily which is irrelevant to the current situation…It is usually accompanied by an adjective vetti). Whenever I learn a new word, I will find (or create) context to use it :P Like I’ll go to my mom and tell ‘Tengo hambre’ (I’m hungry) or ping people by noon/evening just to greet ‘Buenas Tardes’ just for the sake of it. I have this spanish app…yeah similar to our learn tamil in 30 days book :P There are exercises that require you to repeat with absolutely correct pronunciation before it is marked as complete. Usually, I will be using this app with my headphones plugged but on a lazy sunday afternoon, I decided to do it with the speaker on. Mistake! It was more like ‘ek gaon mein ek kissan raghu thaatha’ episode. The app kept repeating‘rehta tha’ and I was continuously telling ‘raghu thaatha’ :P My mom could stand no more and stormed into the room from kitchen and yelled, ‘Why are you troubling so much…Can’t you listen properly and repeat… How may times do you want to be taught the same thing? Completely zero concentration’. I was at first shocked whether I had time traveled and gone back 16 years…Before I could open my mouth in defense, she added the killer blow, ‘Look at me…It is ‘rehta tha’ and not ‘raghu thaatha’…her immaculately accurate pronunciation made the app tell, ‘Well done! Correct’ :shock: That was the last day I opened the app at home :P ‘. ‘Learn Spanish in 30 days’ was replaced by ‘Learn Japanese in 30 days’ immediately. This time no app…I was contented withkonichiwa and ohayo gozaimasu that my friend in Japan was teaching me :P The word that I had learnt the previous day was ‘O yasumi nasai’ (good night…I know it sounds like nasama po in tamil :P ) The next day as usual to scene potufy, I told one of my friends, ‘I learnt japanese equivalent for good night’. She was curious and asked me for the word…The moment she asked, the word evaporated from my head. I didn’t want to do a ‘Raghu thaatha’ again…In the heat of the moment, I shouted ‘Buenas noches’  *monkeyclosedeyes* She said nice and left the place…Hopefully she doesn’t use it with any Japanese friends :P
My friend left to Argentina as a part of near-shore team. We were the ones who started learning Spanish together few years back. Spanish being mandatory in Argentina, there is a scope for me now to learn the colloquial words as well ;) I know I very well get your mind voice…No no bad words! I had made this for her. Left pic is the front side and right pic is the back side. This has flown to Buenas Aires ;)
I was watching a chef prepare Frittata while finishing up my curd rice and aavakai pickle. That was when the thought struck me , ‘You might be a periya frittata in Italy but when you step into ente keralam, it will be taata bye bye to you’…Thanks to 14.5% fat tax *no tomatoes please* Well, if you ask who eats frittata in kerala, all I can say is ‘pazhamozhi sonna anubavikanum aarayakudadhu’ (Translation English: A proverb should be experienced and not examined) (Translation Spanish/Japanese/Chinese/…other 40+ google translate languages:  Forget it ) :P

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