Shifting Chronicles

Mom- “Aishu *shrieking yell*…Why are you unpacking boxes that I have already packed?”
Me- I just wanted to see what’s there in this …I have got a new marker to label…so I want to relabel the boxes
Mom- *monkeyclosedeyes*
This was the teaser to start my shifting chronicles…That was pretty much how it was :PWhen almost everything was packed , my mom would ask ‘where did you put the glass items? I asked you to keep it aside’ with that cold stare which clearly conveyed that she had the answer to it(unna vechikitu oru kolai kuda panna mudiyadhu stare) . Thanks to my amazing memory, I had to stare sheepishly at all boxes hoping against hope to find the correct box in the first attempt itself. Like in game shows, where you will be asked to pick any box and be awarded accordingly. The same happened here but with a slight difference. With every wrong box opened, my mom kept complimenting my alertness and astounding memory power *clears throat*
Being this responsible daughter, I was ready to donate my precious weekend in the name of house. But as they say, good work never receive appreciation *sighs* I was never allowed near cupboard or any table with runners. I was always allocated tasks of stacking newspapers and calling the paper mart guy to pick it, throwing out empty dabbas etc…basically total waste work! I was initially naive and didn’t shout Natamai…theerpa maathi sollu(change the decision :P ) as I didn’t understand the real intention of keeping me away from actual packing. My dad, as always, without knowing the conspiracy called me in to help him discard few old stuffs…Immediately an old water gun caught my attention and I asked ‘Idhu work aaguma?’ Before I got the answer, I rushed to fill water and test the product :P ‘This is why I told you to not call her when you are cleaning the shelves’ was the comment I heard unveiling the actual reason behind the task allocation! But still that puppyface always works with my dad and he readily swapped his task with mine :P I found so many greeting cards which I read line by line all over again before putting them back safely :P An autograph book with ‘Favourite color, favourite food’ of almost anyone who visited my house, a scrapbook, my first toys which are absolutely in perfect working condition, a box with friendship bands and gifts and also this…Look what I found :D
Kane- Height 7′
Rock- Rank 1
Big Show- 500 pounds
This occupied all my holidays :P I used to sit hours together playing this , analysing and finding the best stats to unleash the lethal weapon on your opponents :P I was looking through my autograph book and the rough note where my 5th class classmates had signed as the guys were moving to Boys’ school from the following year. I had shared the snaps with few of them with whom I’m still in contact…it was total fun :D
So finally all segregation was done and the packers were called. I was now involved in people management :P Yeah I take up all different roles as per my team’s need :P When I was helping one packer-anna (I forgot to ask his name) to pack my dresses, I noticed a Rajini pendent and his name tattooed in his wrist. That that that! How can I notice and be without talking about it… I immediately enquired whether he watched Kabali teaser and it was a perfect conversation starter. We started chatting about scenes from earlier movies and so on. Only after everything was done and boxes were shifted, I realised that I was asked to keep 5 sets of dresses separately for the week… Completely disappeared from my mind ! When it did reappear, it was too late! I had no clue as to where to search and how many dabbas to open… No *inky pinky ponky* or *Oh God! pls tell me* would work now… It was close to midnight and knowing the consequences, I didn’t announce this prod incident at home and tried ways to mitigate it. Thankfully, I found a bag with freshly pressed clothes that I had just collected from dry-clean …It was my Kadavul irukkan kumaru moment ;)
So all set, I was about to rest my sore back and legs for a good sleep. After listening to my shifting saga, this friend of mine casually remarked with a smirk to not look below the cot as it is a new place and no one knows what/who will be there, waiting to be found ! It was awarded with an immediate power cut and fluctuation as a response :| *boom* I bid bye to my sleep *monkeyclosedeyes*

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