Know the lingo Mamu

Whenever we use certain famous tamil comments, people (non-tamil speaking folks) don’t get the sarcasm and go “Errr…What?” We end up killing the frog for them and at the end forget why did we do it *meh moment* So as a responsible Chennai ponnu, I thought let me just once and for all kill the frog here…in my blogpost rather than doing it every single time we use. So non-tamil speaking folks, save this post for future reference…This can be your life saver…I mean frog’s life and your conversation saver 
Note: Before you start using these words, practice with the right modulation as that’s the most important aspect for these words 😛
-> Vada Poche
Literal meaning: Disappearance of a deep fried ring-shaped Indian dish made from ground pulses.
Implied meaning: When you are this close to something but miss it at the last moment.
Example of usage: You get a call from your friend saying he has somehow arranged 2 tickets for first day evening show of Rajini movie…you are super excited, brag about it to all, draft a mail about leaving early and you get a video conference meeting invite for 7 pm. Your mindvoice “Vada Poche”.
Alternatives: Vada gone, big Vada *gone in action*
->Enna ma ipdi panrengale ma (expression, modulation, action-mandatory)
Literal meaning (Close one.. better suggestions are welcome): Why will you be doing this?
Implied meaning: When something/someone irritates you but still you are in a position of not showing it out. Then you use this dialogue to show it out diplomatically without hurting the other person.
Example of usage: After the “vada poche” moment, you go and sit in the conference room and your manager sits beside you. He/She asks you to help her with the presentation as asked by the client during the conference. Now you can very well tell “Enna ma ipdi panrengale ma”.
-> Enna kalaaichitarama (modulation and sarcastic smirk- mandatory)
Literal meaning: Huh…Managed to pull my leg is it? (Ewwww…It’s horrible…Forget the translation 😛 )
Implied meaning: Almost the same as the literal one. When somebody passes a sarcatic comment, you are desparately in need of a counter to get back but don’t find one. Then you use this term to fill in the gap on behalf of a counter and still keep up your pride in tact  😛
Example of usage: You are sitting in the conference room after the above two scenes and your colleague (remember the victims of your bragging during scene 1…one of those) asks you in a sarcastic tone, “Dude…Are you enjoying the Rajini film?” *giggles* You are absolutely offended as intended but still don’t want to give it away…You turn to another colleague (hopefully not one of the victims) and say ‘Enna kalaaichitarama’ with a smirk.
-> Aaniye pudunga venam (modulation- mandatory)
Literal meaning: Don’t pluck out the nails  😛  (Eeeeeks )
Implied meaning: You’ve given an opinion/assigned a task, in return, you are bombarded with 1000s of questions…Now you can say ‘Aaniye pudunga venam’.
Examples of usage: Your friend and you go to the cafetaria for dinner after the conference (Remember?You were asked to help with the presentation after conference) You tell your friend you want to eat at Subway..
Friend: Sub or salad?
You: Sub
Friend: Veg/Non veg?
You : Veg
Friend: Trying any combo?
You: I guess no
Friend: Planning to add cheese? I never do
You: Err.. I might
Friend: Coke?
You : Aaniye pudunga venam…I’ll eat kaldosa combo in HSB itself !
-> Ahaan (modulation and sarcasm- mandatory)
Literal meaning: Yet to be deciphered
Implied meaning: Used at times when you want to agree sarcastically..Well , refer the usage section for more details 😛
Examples of usage: You stay back to work on the presentation as asked by the client… After you are done (close to midnight), management team asks for a preview. After you run through all the slides and ask for comments, one person from the crowd remarks “I think the background colour is dull…It doesn’t give life to your presentation… May be we should change that? *looks around to get approval nods from others* Now you can very well tell Aahaan looking at him(loudly/mindvoice- Your wish….you are solely responsible for the after effects)… In this case ‘enna ma ipdi panrengale ma’ will also be apt 😛
Freebies:We all love freebies.. Don’t ask me who paid for the above post 😉 So here are few additional terms that you may be needing help with
-> Scene podadha– Don’t show off
-> Sema mokkai– (Literal translation- very blunt 😛 )- PJ
-> Thambi..Tea innum varla– (Literal translation- Brother…Tea didn’t arrive yet 😛 )- You haven’t answered my question/Come to the point without beating around
-> Geth-u/mass-u – similar to Coool/Whatte work dude
-> Machaan/Mama– Dude/Bro
Talking about Machaan, heard that Namitha will be entering politics soon 😛
All those who went Ahaan after reading this statement…Well done! You have cleared the lingo test mamu ! Others, please read it again 😛
PS: These interpretations are subjected to change depending on the individual/friends’ group. So the owner of this post is not responsible for any such variations that could be reported after you use. 😛

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