[Blogatheme – Tragedy] ~[55 Fiction] ~The Choice!

He picked it up, his curious eyes gleaming with happiness His tiny hands have found a treasure to keep He tucked the one-eyed-tattered teddy under his left arm And went about picking up the rags from the usual garbage bin, But now with a smile and a frequent look at his new found friend.


 She looked at the stranger staring at her in the mirror Her fingers ran down her cheeks reaching her bruised lip She found a lone tear making its way through She quickly brushed it aside before the world could see it And got ready faking a smile on her lips to face the cruel world.


When the sun showed its face out, She was busy sweeping the roads clean She has to finish before the traffic begins Just then she glimpsed at the bus in front Her eyes clouded and she choked not cos of the dust But by the memories of her dear ones that went away.


These are three 55 fictions for the theme ‘Tragedy’. The first one was a real incident that I saw at ECR, Chennai. My heart grew heavy seeing the joy on the little one’s face when he held the tattered doll. I wished with all my heart that every kid could get the little little joys of his childhood that he/she deserved. Second and third ones are left to your interpretation as they are also based on real incidents.

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