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Rumours that grew up with us

I watched this video by madras meter about childhood rumours and from then on, I couldn’t hold back from writing about it :D Madras meter is a YouTube channel that’s known for its quirkiness and absolutely hilarious subjects for spoof. So this time they had come up with few popular childhood rumours that most of us would have heard and also been guilty of being a part of it(Fingers pointing at Yours truly). I couldn’t find a better topic to kick start my posts for this year :P

:arrow: Peacock feather
Rumour:When you keep a peacock feather inside a book, it multiplies (duration required: 10 days)
This was one of the famous rumour.I remember this episode where one of my friends gave the other friend of mine, a peacock feather. I was totally offended by this favouritism and challenged them that it’s not only peacock feather, even a crow’s feather can multiply and left the place picking up a crow’s feather*monkeyclosedeyes* I threw it on the way to home as my mom would have thrown me out for bringing litter from road. Day 10: The D-Day – Our little Aishu didn’t have even the big sized feather, leave about the multiplied feather. The advantage of challenging with crow’s feather was that you can find it in plenty :P There is a neem tree near my home, so crow’s feathers were never a scarcity… I stealthily picked up one big feather and one tiny one and placed it inside the same book. I was feeling guilty but didn’t want to be left behind when she shows her peacock feather magic. When the judgement moment arrived, she eagerly opened her book to check the magic (she really followed the instructions of not peeping to check for 10 days :P ) Obviously nothing had happened… Now our hero/heroine opened the book with full confidence (obviously ;) ) I actually had my best friend(neighbour) ready to testify it (friend in need you see :P ) All whoa ,Woos and hows were handled by putting on airs of how I was truthful and good by heart for it to happen (*insert punch dialogue* Kanna… Kettavangaluku Aandavan Neraya Kodupan, Aana Kai Vittuduvan. Nallavangala Aandavan Sodhipan, Aana kai vidamatan ) :P

:arrow: Boomer man
Rumour: When you ace your the bubble blowing skill, you’ll be rewarded duly by Boomerman. He’ll appear when you are sleeping and will take you to places far and wide(like they show in boomer ad). Plus you get a tattoo free :P (*out of the topic gossip* All of a sudden, one day, I told my mom that I want to tattoo…She exclaimed ‘I didn’t know that they still give free tattoos for Boomer’ *moms moms moms!*)
*back to topic* Even after repeated lessons, I was not getting any better with my boomer bubble. All that happens was my half-chewed gum hitting the ground in a trajectory motion when I try to replicate my friend’s bubble tuition. So when it was crystal clear that I am just going to be blowing my bubble-gum out rather than just the bubble, I had this terrible feel of what if Boomer-man takes my friends with him and leaves me behind? That’s when I did this emotional athyaachar ‘You are my best friend na? Will you tell boomer-man to take me along too if he comes to your house’ I made my best friend to promise and ofcourse complete it with a tick and action of blowing into the sky above :P

:arrow: Biting nails causes a tree to grow in your stomach
Rumour: When you bite your nails, a nail tree will grow inside your stomach.
I didn’t have this habit but still I would be time and again repeating this dialogue to my friends who do it :P I used to exaggerate the after effects so much that they’ll feel like that ‘Naan dhan Mukesh’ anti tobacco ad guy :P

:arrow: One for sorrow… Two for joy
Rumour: Spotting one fully black crow(cuckoo) will bring sorrow* and spotting 2 of them will bring joy
Going by our tradition, *Terms and conditions apply. If you touch any black object, the effect nullifies (don’t ask me how). You can also pass it on to people whom you don’t like. So me being the goody goody girl (clears throat) used to opt for the former idea. As my mouth used to mimics in a cool tone ‘I don’t believe in all these… It’s stupid’, my hand used to slowly reach my head to touch ..Thanks to my brain for reminding that ‘maths answer sheets are due today’ :P

:arrow: Mr India… the invisible friend
Rumour: Tadaa! Meet our invisible friend. He became our friend and will protect us always. He’ll be visible to only few of our eyes.
My neighbour and me stood by this for such a long time that few kids complained that we are seriously having some paranormal connections. Only when we were given strict warnings, we backed off from our prank. We used to reserve an empty seat between us, talk to that imaginary friend , act like sharing ice creams/chocolates… One day when my neighbour was getting beaten black and blue by his mom for something, he was shouting ‘Mr India…Please save me… Mr India I’m in danger!’ I could here this from my window and knowing that little secret of ours that there is no Mr. India and that was an indirect message to me, I had to do something… So I ran out fast, rang his doorbell continuously and rushed back inside. When his mom opened the door to check, he escaped out, shouting ‘Thank you Mr India…You are great!’ :lol:

:arrow: White dots in nails
Rumour: The number of white dots in nails is directly proportional to the number of new dresses that you’ll be getting :P
I never used to have any white dots in my nails (rarely use to get it) whereas few of them had it in all nails. I later came to know it’s a deficiency. But I used to feel very bad that I’m not going to get any new dresses :P

:arrow: Saami kanna kutthum (Literal translation: God will poke your eyes)
Rumour: When you lie, saami kanna kutt-ing :P
This is one very popular fear instilled when you are a kid that when you lie, God will poke your eyes. I have imagined God (as shown in pics) with his long hand having a jeeboomba pencil (that pencil was famous back then) poking my eyes :P I used to freak out and blabber the truth *facepalm*

:arrow: Ricky Ponting’s bat had springs/jumping beans
Rumour– Ricky Ponting used springs/jumping beans in his bat during 2003 world cup. Umpire found it out and now they have called for a replay of the match :P
We were so upset after the loss that hopes in any form brought smiles. We believed (yes, I’m guilty as accused) that there will be a rematch. Being a Dada fanatic I remarked, “Ahh…I know that guy will do like this! It was so evident in his face that he is doing something wrong (don’t ask me what was evident). Paavam Dada!” As always, my mom did the honours of bursting the bubble and bringing me back to reality as soon as I reached home from school.

:arrow: Undertaker’s life is locked in a cage
Rumour: Undertaker was not a human. He had 9 lives and his life is locked in a cage :P
Hey it was not only me…Come on! Accept it! :P I strongly believed that Undertaker had 9 lives and had already died 4 times…Also his life is safely in a bottle preserved in a cage :P It was in beach…after the evening’s play, my neighbour and me sat next to our Mom(s). Somehow the topic switched to WWF (now WWE) and we told in low husky tone about the secret. Trust me! The wind, darkness invading the evening sky, husky tone…stage was perfect for any evil dead to reappear. As soon as we finished, his mom shhush-ed us with a laugh which infuriated us and we secretly prayed that undertaker shoudn’t be offended :P
I have left out few others such as tooth fairy, santa clause, spotting a ghost near school/home, Flames etc etc as those are pretty common ones that all of us are aware :P

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